The Innovative Software Helping Restaurants Embrace The New Era Of Delivery

2020 and 2021 have been the hardest in memory for restaurateurs, with a completely unpredictable marketplace and enforced closures due to COVID restrictions having a huge impact on the bottom line. The speed of growth in deliveries has forced operational issues including difficulties maintaining menu accuracy and an increase in refunds. One innovative solution offering support to help restaurateurs through this stormy time is Prestau - a newly launched software as a service platform with a solution to the business headaches the pandemic has brought those in the dining industry.

In a recent article in trade magazine Big Hospitality, a Deliveroo spokesperson revealed that 11,500 new restaurant partners had joined the platform in six months in the UK alone. It’s a booming time for restaurant delivery and is the start of a new era of consumers expecting their favourite restaurant meals at home. This opens up new sales channels to restaurateurs and the potential for incremental revenue, but also opens up a lot of potential problems with handling the increased volume.

Whilst more restaurants than ever are using menu aggregator platforms such as Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats, many are finding that managing their unique offering across all of these different platforms requires considerable manpower and skilled technical knowledge. Restaurant chains have found an increase in refunds, due to inaccurate representation of their available dishes or opening hours on the menu platforms. This is because things change fast in restaurants, the team on the ground move swiftly and respond to the changes happening live in the kitchen, but getting these changes reflected on their menu delivery platforms is a fiddly and laborious job, often handled by someone at HQ. This leads to a delay in communication and ultimately dissatisfied customers, an inefficient operations chain and an exponential increase in refunds and lost revenue.

Anton Berger, CTO of Prestau said

"In these agile times, it is crucial for restaurants to have real-time control over their menus at several food aggregators."

Prestau offers a simple to use solution, allowing restaurant Managers to easily update their menu offering, opening times and more through a straightforward point, click and change mission control. With an easy to use interface, changes can be quickly made in one place and then implemented across Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats with one click - and no coding required! This will allow restaurants to operate their delivery service much more quickly and efficiently, respond to real-time changes, increase customer satisfaction and decrease refunds. As the service launches a limited number of restaurants will be able to take advantage of a free menu management for their choice of UberEats, Deliveroo or JustEat for a limited time. For more info on that free introductory offer, visit:

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The Innovative Software Helping Restaurants Embrace The New Era Of Delivery