The I Have IIH Foundation launches IIH Support Aid

News provided by the I Have IIH Foundation on Monday 10th Oct 2016

People living with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) deserve a helping hand when times are tough, and our the I Have IIH Foundation exists to give them that helping hand, whether it's for a holiday, financial aid or travel costs. They may find themselves struggling if their sick pay runs ou,t or they are on phased return to work, which could mean their pay is significantly reduced. Not only can situations like this impact on the person with IIH, but their family too, especially if that person is the sole, or biggest wage earner. There isn't always help or benefits to take the strain. The I Have IIH Foundation could help with utility bills, travel costs and even with things needed for education. Things that we don't consider can suddenly become a problem if you don't have adequate funds coming in because of sickness, until suddenly it is a problem.

The I Have IIH Foundation understands the impact and significant difference providing grants for financial difficulties and holidays could make to people living with IIH. Just knowing that their is somewhere to turn in those hard times can take away stress and worry.

A short break can go a long way to help with hospital recovery, or even a holiday, IIH doesn't just affect the individual, but a whole family, and when there are young children, it can be heartbreaking to a parent if they aren't able to care for them due to their symptoms, or if it is their child who has IIH. The I Have IIH Foundation believes that this service should be available and we are working towards that goal by launching IIH Support Aid and raising awareness for both the people with it IIH, and awareness of the disease itself.

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