The first coworking space in the South Sinai peninsula is boosting tourism to Egypt

After the upheaval of the Arab spring, and later the crash of Metrojet Flight 9268, the towns throughout the Sinai region, and all of Egypt, saw their tourist economies plummet. Around that time, one forward-thinking woman saw an opportunity to combine her love of the small seaside town of Dahab with her love of travel to lure Digital Nomads and Remote Workers back to the region. In mid 2016 Mira Arnold opened Coworkinn Dahab, which has since been making waves as the first coworking and coliving space on the Red Sea, and recognized for boosting the local economy.

Known for its mountainous landscapes and picturesque beaches, Egypt’s south Sinai peninsula is the perfect location for a coworking space, a hub for traveling professionals. After vacationing in Dahab on and off for years, Mira decided to leave Germany and make a go of building a life on the Red Sea. She not only wanted to stay in Dahab, she wanted the rest of the world to come and experience the beauty of the region for themselves.

“This little hippie town won my heart from the first moment I came here 8 years ago” said Mira. “All of the outdoor activities coupled with the friendly people and great weather - it’s no surprise this place became very special to me”.

With its abundant sea life and crystal clear waters, Dahab is known for being one of the top diving destinations in the world. With the addition of Coworkinn, visitors now have 24 hour access to unlimited wifi, desk space for up to 40 people, private meeting rooms, living accommodations and a built in community of international professionals. Poor WiFi is often an issue that plagues traveling professionals throughout the region, but with multiple routers Coworkinn provides the most reliable connection possible ensuring that all traveling professionals are able to get in a solid day’s work.

But the benefits of Coworkinn Dahab extend beyond providing a reliable workspace. Mira’s efforts to build an international community in Dahab haven’t gone unnoticed; she’s been embraced by the locals for bringing in business ranging from individual travelers to entire company teams and events, such as DNX Camp returning this November, that bring in several dozen attendees for weeks at a time.

“My goal is to bring together people from all over the world and encourage them to step out of the corporate bubble. It’s my hope that in building an international community, the coworking space will in turn be able to more fully serve the local community by developing initiatives around education and environmental conservation” she added.

As tourists make their return to the south Sinai peninsula, it has become increasingly evident how the sharing economy can help rebuild small towns like Dahab that rely heavily on tourism. As the first coworking space in the region, Coworkinn Dahab is setting an example for others who see the potential of tapping into the Digital Nomad trend to boost tourism and profits.

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The first coworking space in the South Sinai peninsula is boosting tourism to Egypt