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The Chill Out Tent, a collective of Balearic, ambient and electronic DJs and artists, is putting together an ambitious streaming project around the summer solstice.

The plan is to follow the sun, travelling round the world in 24 one hour segments of music and visuals.

The stream will begin at sunset UTC on Saturday 20 June and stretch the longest day until finally returning to it’s starting point 24 hours later on the evening of Sunday 21 June for a final celebratory hour of party music from Ibiza for a genuine - what day is it? - moment.

The stream will feature contributions from visual artists DJs and electronic musicians from around the world, and as many sunsets as possible. The idea is to take a virtual global journey when actual physical travel is difficult to highlight the uniting cultural force of music and art at a time when global human collaboration to contain the virus and deal with the climate emergency is, simply, essential.

This is an exploration of our planet, a meditation on what it is to be human, and in some way a prayer for global peace and cooperation.



22:00 BST (23:00 local) Berlin - Gallo, Buena Onda

23:00 BST (24:00 local) South Africa - Pierre Estienne

24:00 BST Isle of Wight, UK - Je Suis Anglais

01:00 BST (22:00 local) Inspired by Greenland - Glasbird, White Lab Records

02:00 BST (22:00 local) Buenos Aires - Ariel Charec

Part 2 - USA

03:00 BST 19:00 PDT (22:00 local) Detroit - Blair French & Peter Croce, Rocksteady Disco

04:00 BST 20:00 PDT San Francisco - Dor Wand, Fault Radio

05:00 BST 21:00 PDT San Francisco - Rusty, Soma FM

06:00 BST 22:00 PDT Los Angeles - Ki Oni, Dublab

07:00 BST 23:00 PDT (20:00 local) Hawaii - Roger Bong, Aloha Got Soul


08:00 BST 16:00 JST (16:00 local) S Korea - sunset at Jeju-Do with Kona

09:00 BST 17:00 JST (18:00 local) Sydney - Music For Beaches with Davey Howell

10:00 BST 18:00 JST (18:30 local) Adelaide - Jura Soundsystem

11:00 BST 19:00 JST Tokyo - Into The Forest by Maa & Takamasa Tomae

12:00 BST 20:00 JST Tokyo - Lone Star Crew at Bonobo

13:00 BST 21:00 JST (20:00 local) Bali - Baliaric FM

14:00 BST 22:00 JST (20:00 local) Thailand - Maarten Goetheer

Part 4 - EUROPE

15:00 BST 16:00 CEST Perugia - Hear & Now live

16:00 BST 17:00 CEST Mixmaster Morris Goes To India

17:00 BST 18:00 CEST Barcelona - Sonido Tupinamba

18:00 BST 19:00 CEST Manchester - Mr Scruff

19:00 BST 20:00 CEST Born Balearic - Jon Sa Trinxa & The Spirit Of Ibiza (Film)

20:00 BST 21:00 CEST Ibiza - Sundown

21:00 BST 22:00 CEST Ibiza - After Party - Camilo Miranda

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