The Big Changes In The Energy Market

Big things have been happening globally within the energy market with more and more countries looking to stamp out the fossil fuel industry once and for all. Because of this certain countries are offering companies incentives to look towards renewables and one of the main renewable of choice is Biomass Wood Pellets. Countries like Japan are offering independent power producers a subsidy for electricity generated from pellets.

The European Union has probably made the boldest move and has stated that by 2020 all EU countries combined will have to use renewables for at least 20% of European energy production. Energy companies are looking towards wood pellets to pick up a large chunk of their fossil fuel dependency sending the demand for these pellets through the roof. Currently EU countries import roughly 60% of their wood pellets from outside of the EU pushing up the prices due to import and export taxes along with the added cost of heat treatment due to importing of timber based products before entering the EU meaning that there is a gap in the market for pellet producers within the EU to make money.

Wood Pellets are fast becoming the choice of fuel for not just the energy industry but also for personal heating needs with pellets now readily available in most major European hardware stores it is becoming a cheaper and greener alternative to gas or oil. Burning wood pellets produces 54% percent fewer greenhouse gasses than burning oil and 59% less than natural gasses meaning that it is a greener alternative for homeowners.

One company EcoCrops International is actually taking this a step further and offering investors the opportunity to take advantage of the growing market for wood pellets by investing in a forestry project within the EU, with the aim of turning the timber into wood pellets in the near future. A spokesperson from EcoCrops, Mark Thornton, has said: “Here at EcoCrops we are getting more and more people enquiring about our investment opportunities as people are not only looking to make money they are also looking towards green investments as well”. To contact EcoCrops for information on their project you can email them at

With all of these countries committing to cutting their carbon emissions it will not be long until fossil fuels such as coal and oil will be a thing of the past and sustainable fuels like wood pellets and solar will be the norm in every power plant and home around the world.

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The Big Changes In The Energy Market