The Best Way to Expand Your Wine Horizons?

What do you expect from a wine company's 'introductory case'?

Seeing as many online wine merchants seem to use it as a reason to lure unsuspecting people into their claws, Rude Wines set out to make theirs a genuinely irresistible offer.

You've 12 bottles in a case, so, they thought, let's make every one count. The common trick is simply to pick a dozen of the cheapest bottles, take a hit on the price, as a one-off, and hope people come back for more.

At Rude they decided it was high time the 'introductory case' meant just that. A collection of their top bottles, firm favourites with customers over the years, that benchmarked the quality wines online they're offering.

As Damien Chase, their Content Writer explained, "You don't have to be interested in wine for long before you start hearing that old mantra, "life's too short to drink bad wine." Old cliché it might be, but there's some truth in it. And, if you're buying wine online, why not make sure it's the best wine that's out there?'

Working closely with their buyer, Gerald Duff, and the team of Wine Advisers who come into more contact with their customers than any other member of the Rude Wines team, they put together introductory cases that exemplified what they stood for.

"The world's awash with wine," Gerald claimed, "but that doesn't mean there aren't some terrific bargains still to be had out there. It's all about knowing where to look, and coming up with the best deals, both for customer and winemakers alike." That philosophy and Gerald's intricate knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the wine business mean Rude Wines introductory cases are jam-packed with wines that'll have you wondering why you've not heard of them before.

South African wines which overdeliver on taste, Italian thoroughbreds that Jamie Oliver would be proud of, and French classics that Rude have blended themselves alongside the local winemakers' expertise. The result is online wine cases which should leave you in no doubt as to the heartfelt wish to simply bring you the very best in online wine buying, without fear of compromise.

As Damien puts it, "Buying wine online shouldn't be an ordeal. It should give you a tempting glimpse into what you've been missing if the High Street or supermarket's you're usual port of call for wine. We're happy to stake our name and reputation to the wines Gerald's sought out. At Rude, going the step further, and taking the path less travelled means bringing you wines you'd not think you could afford. That's not the case, but these cases will make it obvious there's no need for drinking second-rate wines ever again"

To try for yourself what Rude Wines has to offer, they've got a range of introductory cases, including cases of red, white or mixed wine, that will save you over £55 off their usual value. All come with a pair of Riedel wine glasses, so you can be sure to get the most out of every bottle too, and free delivery on cases of 12 or more bottles (they have cases that take 15 bottles, so you can add the odd extra-special drop too) comes as standard.

Refreshingly, not all online wine companies are the same, nor does buying wine online have to be a lottery. Taste for yourself by visiting

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The Best Way to Expand Your Wine Horizons?