The 7 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Goal Setting According to Matt Stewart of AtlasCorp

Setting and working towards goals is key to achieving business success. Outsourced sales and event marketing firm AtlasCorp investigates why it seems impossible for some to accomplish what they aim for.

AtlasCorp insists that goal setting is a key skill for success as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, there are people who put all their efforts in accomplishing what they aim for but they do not succeed. Matt Stewart, Managing Director of AtlasCorp, says: “Sometimes even hard work doesn’t seem to pay off, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. The reason may be that you sabotage your success by setting the wrong goal.” AtlasCorp lists the seven most common reasons why people may not achieve their objectives.

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1. Unrealistic goals

Goals should certainly be ambitious and challenging; however it is important to ensure they are realistic to achieve. Otherwise it is easy to lose interest.

2. Unspecific goals

If the focus of a set goal is too broad, it means ending up trying to do a lot of things at the same time without actually accomplishing anything. AtlasCorp says, in order to see the progress, goals must be as specific as possible.

3. Goals with no time frame

A goal without a timeline discourages a sense of urgency and accountability. It is therefore crucial to set goals that are time bound.

4. Focus on other people’s opinions

Concentrating too much on what others think can be distractive. AtlasCorp recommends: “Focus on what is important to you and make it happen. This is your goal.”

5. Negative attitude

Negativity is the killer of any accomplishment, believes AtlasCorp: “Think positive and you can achieve anything,” insists Matt Stewart of AtlasCorp.

6. Denying the importance of failure

Every goal has an element of failure. There is no even road to success. It will come with hurdles along the way. AtlasCorp points out that failure is an important part on the way to success as long as learning is taken from the experience, which will bring someone closer to the end goal.

7. Setting a goal and that’s it

Some make the mistake to believe that by setting a goal or target the work is done. AtlasCorp insists that it is vital to review goals and accomplishments on a regular basis and to adapt them to changing conditions if necessary.

AtlasCorp is an outsourced sales and event marketing company with offices in Sheffield, Nottingham and Liverpool. The firm hosts monthly workshops on effective goal setting and encourages entrepreneurs to drive their business forward by offering the relevant support and guidance.


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