TFL Licensed drivers sign-up for fair pay

Drivers are now registering with the latest taxi app in London because it establishes market rates through fair competition.

Cribble allows the drivers to set prices in competition with each other whilst allowing the passenger to pick their preferred vehicle thereby creating a transparent market driven economy.

The idea of helping drivers to get fair pay comes from Cribble founder Brian Haughan who says “Everyone knows that TFL licensed drivers are exploited. We basically have too many middlemen taking an unfair cut. We are trying to fix this at both ends. Firstly, we will take a low commission. Secondly, we will help the drivers set a market price. Cribble will be the preferred way to go once the people of London realise that they can get a fair deal without exploiting the drivers.”

This breaks the mould of price fixing by TFL for black cabs and the monopolistic approach where other apps set aggressive prices and squeeze the drivers pay.

It also breaks the mould of allocating the vehicle to the passenger which is unfair to the passenger who might be allocated an old banger and unfair to the driver who was next in line with the latest model.

Cribble is a new game for all licensed drivers to compete for fixed price rides on a level playing field where the passenger will pay the right price for their chosen vehicle and driver.

Cribble is now registering drivers in London with a launch date set for 11 March 2019.

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TFL Licensed drivers sign-up for fair pay