TECHFUND has Successfully Completed an Audit for Tokyo-Native Ethereum blockchain game My Crypto Heroes

Tokyo - June 16th- we are pleased to announce that TECHFUND has conducted a security audit for a smart contract to be issued by My Crypto Heroes- a Tokyo-native blockchain game with about 2,000 DAU-and confirmed that we did not find any critical issues and all the vulnerabilities raised in the report have been resolved by Apr 5th 2022.

■Audit overview and report

In preparation of accelerating their business in a global market with strong credibility, My Crypto Heroes has chosen TECHFUND as a reliable partner to ensure security and safety of its smart contract. TECHFUND has conducted the audit rigorously to identify security vulnerabilities in a prompt timeframe of 5 business days and confirmed that all the vulnerabilities identified were eliminated by the My Crypto Heroes team. As a consequence, TECHFUND was able to build a trustful relationship with the My Crypto Heroes team and its users.

You can review the full audit here

My Crypto Heroes team has commented,”One of the best features of the TECHFUND AUDIT is the contingency fee system that the fee varies in the numbers and levels of vulnerability. This enables high level audit as it requires both My Crypto Heroes and TECHFUND to commit to the process.Also, it is a very attractive service for startups as the pricing is at low-cost for little and light vulnerabilities."

Piyush Gururani, CTO of TECHFUND.Inc remarked,“We found that the code was well managed and no critical issues were recognized. Only 2 note level issues were found which is a trait of a good project. We are honored to have conducted an audit for such a promising start-up in the blockchain gaming industry. We hope to continue a trustful relationship going forward and support their growth in various ways.

TECHFUND, depending on the smart contract, verifies a checklist of over 30 detectors ranging in areas of Authorization Control, Coding Practices, Control flow, Byte code and so on. Having audited multiple projects of various code complexities in the past we have become very efficient in detecting weak areas of any smart contract.”

■What makes TECHFUND Audit unique

1.Contingency Fee based compensation structure
TECHFUND provides a “Fee-to-service” reward structure to determine the actual fee to charge depending on the levels and numbers of the identified vulnerabilities. This structure brings high transparency and validity of the fee and receives positive feedback from our clients.

2.Successful track record of audit reporting for global market expansion and IEO
We have supported various businesses/projects for pre-IEO, mainnet launch both domestically in Japan and globally resulting in a successful outcome in listing examinations. We are able to provide credible audit reports in Japanese, English and other languages depending on your preferences.

We are proud to provide speedy and high-quality reporting in a flexible time frame depending on the volume and situations. Let us support you in your last-minute request.

■Why is security audit important in token, blockchain and web3?

Blockchain and token economy has been playing a major role in business including aspects such as online payment management, asset record management, containing critical data.

However, it still has high-risk of being attacked by hackers or crackers due to the immaturity of the market.
Therefore, it is an important responsibility for the blockchain and token economy related business owners and players to secure the credibility and data justification to protect the product and users.

Undergoing a token security audit enables business owners and players to identify the vulnerabilities which could potentially create loss of users’ assets and eliminate them in advance. Additionally, it would be a positive and credible mark of the business or the project to the investors and other stakeholders by undergoing appropriate token security audits.

■Overview of TECHFUND Audit services

TECHFUND has launched a security token audit service in 2021 and has completed various blockchain platforms, social trade platforms and tokens.

Our auditing team are experts in wide and deep knowledge and experiences on security. Our coverage does not limit ourselves to blockchain but also web application, desktop application and mobile application.

For example, TECHFUND takes a part in security audit of various blockchain related services such as QURAS(*1) the privacy-protective blockchain, JPYC(*2) a pioneer of the JPY stable coin, crypto-asset trading system, wallet, and token. These are the examples of more to come in the future.

TECHFUND will continuously act as a reliable partner providing a wide range of coverage to eliminate risk and vulnerability in advance to enhance active and rapid product development of business players.

※1 Official website for Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0 “QURAS”

※2 Official website of JPY stable coin 「JPYC(JPYCoin)」

■ Contact us for more information and inquiries

Our service covers a broad range of Token related business including Blockchain Protocol,Exchange,Token Project,NFT,Dapp,Wallet.
For the details of our audit services, please contact our sales representative.


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About My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is an RPG battle game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Play with historical inspired heroes, go on quests to find rare items, and battle against other players for rewards and fame.

We are the world’s No.1 blockchain game, based on Daily Active Users, and Transactions. ※ as of August 21st 2019 from DappRadar (

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