TCM: Implementation of Big Data and Cutting-edge AI Technology to Scale Online Stores and eCommerce

The world has gone digital with different cutting-edge innovations springing up and changing the face of businesses, corporations, and enterprises. Mainly, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Machine Learning have been powerful forces responsible for most of the advancements witnessed in the global business world.

Interestingly, Technology Commerce Management (TCM), the leading data-driven eCommerce solution company, has been using these innovative technology algorithms to identify, evaluate, and acquire profitable eCommerce businesses. The company implements data-driven strategies to completely manage online stores and eCommerce shops to maximize sales, reduce costs, and increase profit margins.

In the words of Gabi Bar and Shani Bar, the co-founders of the technology-driven company:

"At TCM, we use Big Data and AI in our day-to-day business to make informed decisions about online stores and eCommerce businesses. We implement our cutting-edge algorithms to compare between thousands of online stores during our purchasing process, strategically sifting through all the available data to investigate and purchase quality digital assets correctly. With the seamless technology at our disposal, we conduct a thorough and detailed purchasing process that always gives maximum returns on investments".

eCommerce and Online Stores Gradually Displacing Brick-and-Mortar Stores

TCM has been active in the eCommerce niche for more than eight years, operating online stores with advanced technology and tools. With these long years of experience in the industry and having bought, managed, and sold a variety of online stores for high returns, the company understands how businesses are shifting to digital stores.

Purchasing online stores is similar to buying physical stores in a shopping mall. It also requires thorough decision-making based on the analysis of stores’ financial statements, the consumer traffic, scaling & expansion, and the selling potentials in the future. Although online stores are somehow less tangible, they are more valuable and high-yielding investments with no physical restrictions.

Gabi Bar, the owner, and co-founder of TCM says:

"Our understanding of the similarities between the world of online stores and physical real estate has shaped the way we conduct our business at TCM. The connection between the two worlds is that they operate on business acquisition models, and our knowledge of this basic fundamental has made us experts in operating online stores. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has proven that eCommerce and online stores are the future and have the potential to thrive against all the odds better than brick-and-mortar stores".

The Future and Growth Predictions for Online Stores

The future is here. However, the success of the foreseeable future of online stores depends mostly on the implementation of innovative technology and tools to transform the purchasing and transaction process of online stores. Remarkably, TCM's AI and Big Data technology utilizes neural networks with deep learning techniques to facilitate actions like image recognition, products, sales, and traffic forecasting for stores.

Gabi Bar explains, "To explore the enormous numbers of data points in eCommerce around the world, we have built cutting-edge algorithms that use thousands of parameters for unique purchasing and pricing decisions. These help us identify niches and understand the strength and growth predictions of products for high-yielding profits on investments".

As a cutting-edge eCommerce company setting the pace in the industry, TCM would be going on an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Australian stock market. And this is indeed a giant stride that will make online stores and eCommerce businesses well-positioned for the future that is already here.

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TCM: Implementation of Big Data and Cutting-edge AI Technology to Scale Online Stores and eCommerce