Taking the stress out of decision making with Milemma.com

If you’re just like us then you’ll know how difficult at times it can be to make a decision!! Now there’s a fun and easy way to get help with your dilemma with the newly launched site Milemma

Life is full of dilemmas, have you ever been stuck picking what the destination of your next holiday is? Or maybe couldn’t decide what outfit to wear for a night out? Well we have and it’s caused us so many headaches!!

These are the type of predicaments which have inspired the creation of Milemma. We've often been in a situation where we've needed help choosing but there was no one around to ask.

So we thought what better way to get help than to ask people from all over the world for their opinion?

Avoid the headaches and deliberation. Just go to www.milemma.com , post up your dilemma and leave it to our users to help you decide, so simple! We all know that a problem shared can be a problem halved, so go ahead and share your dilemmas.

Milemma has been created and setup from scratch by two young entrepreneurs. We are looking to build a social community which we hope you’ll be able to turn to whenever you are in a ‘What to choose?’ situation. So post up now and ease your troubled mind.

E-mail enquiries to Mitch:promo@milemma.com

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Taking the stress out of decision making with Milemma.com