London, England: SOLD The Movie and Childreach International will be at Thomson Reuters Foundation’s ‘Trust Women Conference’ on Wednesday 30th November to promote their Taught, Not Trafficked campaign. Gillian Anderson will be joining the panel after the film, alongside Academy Award winning director Jeffrey D. Brown, producer Jane Charles, and Childreach International’s Executive Director Tiffany Watts.

The panel will be discussing the importance of education in preventing child trafficking in Nepal, and how Childreach International’s Taught, Not Trafficked campaign is tackling the root causes behind this horrifying crime by keeping children in school.

“People often think that human trafficking is something that is only in Asia and other parts of the world far away from us, but it happens in our own back yard. It’s very close to home, it’s not something that is somebody else’s problem.” – Gillian Anderson, CNN

“Our goal in Nepal is to stop trafficking before it begins, by ensuring children are educated and in a safe space. Our work may be just a drop in the ocean, but through SOLD we hope that our drop becomes a ripple and then a wave of change as others join us in the fight against trafficking.” Tiffany Watts

The realities of human trafficking:

  • Slavery generates approximately $35 billion annually
  • Approximately 80% of all trafficked children worldwide are girls
  • Before 2015, an estimated 20,000 girls were being trafficked from Nepal every single year – forced into domestic servitude and sexual slavery
  • It is estimated human trafficking between India and Nepal has increased by 300% since the earthquakes in 2015
  • Up to 33% of females in the Nepalese adult entertainment industry are under the age of 18
    (Source: UN Global Compact: Human Trafficking The Facts)

Our research indicated that keeping children in school is the best way to prevent child trafficking. Evidence suggests that if a child stays in school until they are 16 years old, they are significantly less likely to be trafficked or exploited.

About Childreach International: Childreach International is a child rights charity working in Brazil, India, Nepal and Tanzania to ensure that children can take a stand and fulfill their potential. Taught, Not Trafficked is a global campaign of individuals speaking out against this horrific crime. We work relentlessly in Nepal to ensure that children stay in school. Through a partnership with SOLD The Movie, we are able to shine a light on the biggest human rights issue of our time.

Lisa Boyles – Communications Executive
lisa.boyles@childreach.org.uk 020 3137 5500 @lisaboylesmedia

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