Syrenis makes major updates to its flagship product

Martech software company Syrenis has made major updates to its hugely popular Preference Centre system. The system, which handles almost a billion marketing preferences for 18 million customer contacts, is trusted by corporations, charities and governments alike and has undergone a major transformation this month.

The most notable update to the system is the launch of a brand new module for managing cookie opt-ins. This multilingual module will allow brands to manage their contacts’ cookie preferences across the EU in line with GDPR and PECR, and in readiness for the ePrivacy Regulation scheduled for 2019. The first of its kind, the innovative module prevents the prior placement of cookies onto site visitors’ devices, offering organisations the opportunity for true GDPR compliance as part of a multi-language, on-brand experience.

For non-profits, NGOs and other organisations collecting large amounts of data, centralisation through a system such as Syrenis Preference Centre is a must to reduce the risk of information silos and accidental non-compliance, but this often comes at the expense customer experience, as Glenn Jackson, CEO of Syrenis explains. 'Many solutions heavily limit customisation, interrupting the customer experience painstakingly created by brands. Our updated solution allows complete configurability of customer-facing portals so companies can empower their customers to manage their own contact preferences in a seamless, branded environment.’

Similarly, for those managing preferences internally, whether marketing staff, sales or customer services, Syrenis Preference Centre now offers customisable administrative portal interfaces. These interfaces can be configured to show and search by the relevant information for the function in question, improving ease of use and giving better clarity and security of customer contact records.

The system has been engineered to be flexible and intuitive for users, allowing for better brand consistency and a positive preference management experience. It now offers improved support functions: previously hidden features have been made more accessible, such as a bank of FAQs for reference, and users can also submit and manage support requests from within their portal interface.

‘This update has been focused around usability, improving features and interfaces to make the system as easy as possible to use, whether you are a customer services advisor, or a consumer managing your own preferences,’ continues Glenn Jackson. ‘The new cookie management module is a groundbreaking yet refreshingly simple approach to the growing problem of cookie consent, so we’re particularly proud of that.’

Neil Martin, Commercial Director of Qbase Data Services Ltd, a reseller of Syrenis Preference Centre, was impressed with the recently revealed update: ‘It’s evident looking at Preference Centre R2 that Syrenis have really listened to feedback to deliver something oriented completely around the users’ needs and experience. It’s simple and intuitive.’

Import logs, standardisation of file import and export and improvements to the speed of web handlers all combine to deliver a system which is quick and scalable, ready to grow with your organisation. Contact Syrenis to arrange a demonstration of the newly updated Preference Centre and find out more about how to simplify the management of your customer preference data.

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Syrenis makes major updates to its flagship product