Syrac Inspirations Reveal Why Now is a Great Time for Women to Take on Entrepreneurship

With a study into how women are performing in entrepreneurial programmes due to be published, sales and marketing firm Syrac Inspirations has released a statement on why now is a great time for women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

In a bid to strengthen and make the economy more sustainable, there has been a rise in entrepreneurial training programmes. The primary objectives being to improve and ensure that young professionals are equipped for business success. Syrac Inspirations is pleased to see such an injection of resources into the future of the economy.

About Syrac Inspirations:

Recently a study by an Ivey school professor considered who benefited most from the influx of training programmes. The study, Creating Entrepreneurs: The Impact of Entrepreneurship Programs on Minorities has indicated that women and minorities are set to benefit most from the entrepreneurial training. Findings of the study will be published in the American Economic Review: Papers and proceedings in the May 2017 issue. Syrac Inspirations is delighted to see women are taking advantage of such opportunities, which historically had lent themselves predominantly to men. The firm is confident this is a clear indicator of the future of entrepreneurship and that more women will begin to pursue their ventures and achieve success in business ownership.

Syrac Inspirations is committed to developing potential entrepreneurs. The firm has invested heavily in evolving their business development opportunity, centred around upskilling and enhancing overall awareness of the characteristic’s needed to manage a small business successfully. The firm boasts an extensive network of business leaders and industry experts, all of who adopt the same commitment to talent sourcing and nurturing. Daily workshops and mentorship will provide a competitive and enriching environment to facilitate growth and create opportunities for accelerated growth. The managing director of the firm Ms Rachel Robinson was offered a similar opportunity at the beginning of her career and feels it is her duty to replicate the opportunities that were offered to her.

Syrac Inspirations is a leading marketing and sales firm based in the Sheffield area. The company concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. The company specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, allowing them to connect with each customer on behalf of their clients personally.


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