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Personal development is the key to achieving sustainable success, as entrepreneurs need to keep ahead of the competition. Syrac Inspirations shared their tips on success in an in-house workshop.

Syrac Inspirations are huge entrepreneurial enthusiasts, and believe success happens as a result of hard work and commitment and strive for excellence every day. They offer their contractors the opportunity to enhance their personal brand daily by participating in their optional workshops. The firm provide a mentoring service to all their contractors looking to take their career to the next level. Their promise to their clients includes providing a self-motivated and positive representation of their brand and they select their contractors on the ability to fulfil these two promises.

During a recent workshop Syrac Inspirations shared their top tips for achieving success:

1. Add Value – By adding value, career progression and earning potential are accelerated. It is important to take the time to improve relationships, learn new skills or seek an alternative perspective to broaden an ability to be creative. Find a personal USP by determining a chargeable service on the service currently offered and target development in that area, don't be afraid to create a new opportunity along the way.

2. Follow Your Passion – Every individual is different, but the common ground for all successful people is their drive is intrinsic, they follow their dreams and passion. Passion offers a unique motivator, nothing external is needed to maintain the journey.

3. Be Extraordinary – Those who break the mould are usually the ones who achieve long-term success. The key to success for innovative individuals is that they attract the right attention; their passion and excitement for new ideas entices successful entrepreneurs and enhances a person's network.

4. Start Now – Being brave and taking action to make the first step on the journey is crucial. Timing is everything and new ideas quickly can become outdated. To maintain a competitive edge it is important to be able to take a punt. Not every endeavour will work out, but it sure will create a learning opportunity.

5. Hunt for Good Mentors – An entrepreneur is only as strong as their network. By making informed decisions on who to seek advice from allows new opportunities to arise along the journey which may accelerate the process. Take time to expose oneself to new circles regularly and become confident at relaying the purpose in business.

6. Get Help – Learn to delegate effectively. Understanding the highest priority tasks, taking control of those and dividing the other tasks to those able to complete effectively, will free up time to add value to a personal brand.

7. Learn Sales – Avoid the mentality of developing pushy sales tactics, but instead master the art of communication and most importantly become a skillful listener. By acquiring the skill of sourcing a solution will build credibility as an individual and businessperson.

8. Be Resilient – Each part of a journey poses a learning opportunity. If something doesn't work out, dust off the negativity, take something from the situation to improve decision making next time and move on.

Syrac Inspirations is a Sheffield-based sales and event marketing firm that supports businesses in increasing their market exposure and generating more sales. Through face-to-face marketing the firm is able to build strong connections with consumers and personalise the customer experience. The firm believes much of their success can be attributed to the diverse group of ambitious and talented individuals they work with, and their dedication to education and development.

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