Swan Global Direct – The Mentality Behind Goals

News provided by Swan Global Direct on Wednesday 24th Aug 2016

Swan Global Direct, a leading force in outsourced sales and marketing has recently been inspiring young professionals within their industry by discussing the importance of setting goals at every stage of their lives.

Based in Newcastle, Swan Global Direct are leaders in outsourced sales and marketing solutions. Working with a number of exciting brands, the firm create and implement engaging campaigns designed to encourage more in-depth customer communication. Meeting with their clients’ customers one-on-one, the firm are able to deliver a more personal customer experience, which drives their clients’ brand loyalty and helps them to raise a more positive market reputation.

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Working on behalf of other brands is a huge responsibility and is a responsibility neither Swan Global Direct, nor their contractors take lightly. To ensure they deliver exceptional results to their clients, the firm regularly hold optional workshops for their contractors to educate them on and share the secrets of professional goal setting. With a number of the firm’s independent contractors working towards leadership, Swan Global direct believes that learning about goal setting is not only beneficial to the business, but can also provide their young professionals with the skills necessary to accelerate their business development.

Swan Global Direct are adamant that in a professional setting, goal setting is vital. Even when starting from the bottom of an industry and building a new career, the foundations are extremely important; success is dependent on self-motivation.

Swan Global Direct believes that for professionals, self-motivation is the key to success and is the basis of all achievements. “No one is going to come and pull you out of bed and work hard for you. So it's about finding that passion in yourself and the reason why you want to get out of bed in the morning and go to work,” states a spokesperson for Swan Global Direct. As such, the firm believes that in today’s highly competitive business environment, success comes from not having an employee mentality and professionals can progress at a faster rate by driving their own development forward. This means constantly questioning, seeking out their own opportunities and going out and forming connections with influential people within their industry.

Swan Global Direct believes this to be especially important within their own industry, as everything their contractors achieve is for themselves and allows them to move up the ladder of success. As such, Swan Global Direct are constantly sharing the importance of always having something to aim for, each hour, each day, each week and each year with their contractors. Having a vision of what they want their future to be like is a great first step. However unless they map out what they need to do in the short term to reach this ideal, their vision will never come to fruition. Finding something that pushes them as individuals to get past the hard times is a core component to success.

To excel in goal setting, Swan Global Direct thinks it can be beneficial to understand the psychology of goal setting and how the process changes behaviours and thought patterns. Goal setting has a huge impact on how individuals see themselves. It shifts a person’s self-identity and helps them to believe more is possible. When a goal isn’t achieved this new self-image falls out of alignment with reality, setting up a state of constant tension around a person’s self-image. The brain then wants to resolve this tension which leads a person to start working to achieve their goal.

Swan Global Direct are always keen to hear from people looking to boost their goal setting abilities and take on new and exciting challenges. The firm currently have a number of exciting opportunities available for determined and ambitious individuals with a desire to learn and grow professionally.

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