SurePilot: The launch of a cost-effective online solution to assessing pilot potential

Launched today, SurePilot™ uniquely enables assessors to assess candidates from the comfort of their office and enables candidates to participate in these assessments from the comfort of their home.

An online pilot assessment solution delivered over web browser as a reliable and dependable lightweight software package, SurePilot™ is currently the only all-in-one solution to assessing candidate potential at all career levels, from ab-initio and zero hour candidates to experienced, competent and fully-qualified pilots.

The all-in-one solution provided by SurePilot™ is revolutionary: Invite candidates to assessment via email sent by SurePilot™, track their progression through the five tests, compare candidates against one another in our assessor-specific leaderboards and analyse the key abilities of each candidate, with all features accessed through an easily-navigable portal.

Right now, SurePilot™ is the most cost-effective and efficient solution to assessing pilots, enabling assessors to invite an infinite number of candidates to assessment for £96PCM with no setup fees.

To put this in to perspective, pricing is up to ten times cheaper than any other solution provided currently available.

Normally there are caveats with all-in-one or cost-effective solutions, from a slower time to completion to unreliable and poorly maintained services. SurePilot™ is different, enabling your organisation to implement a cost-effective and reliable method of assessment of pilot candidates online whilst also ensuring that the process is as quick and pain free as possible.

Aspiring Pilot? Pilot training is a costly and risky investment with no guarantees. Our solution provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in assessment and discover whether they have the potential to successfully complete a commercial flight training course. Candidates may analyse their results as both raw and aggregate data with the option to download both graphical and textual information in to a detailed 21-page PDF report.

An infinitely capable pilot assessment tool, SurePilot™ can also provide benefit to training organisations that wish to analyse and improve customer performance.

Wish to implement SurePilot™? Both assessors and candidates can get started in under 5 minutes and may commence the modern method of pilot assessment almost instantly.

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SurePilot: The launch of a cost-effective online solution to assessing pilot potential