Story Antics Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Support First of its kind, Personalised Recipe Storybook Series

Today, Australian personalised storybook company, Story Antics launches a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund its personalised recipe storybook series, the first of its kind to market and a conceptual gamechanger for the personalised children’s book industry.

Written by Amy Whiteford, the voice behind Healthy Little Foodies, and illustrated by emerging artist and graphic designer, Britney Fong the series will feature six different storybooks suitable for children aged three to 10, with each title offering a different healthy recipe story for aspiring little chefs to read and create in the kitchen.

This Kickstarter campaign is vital to help raise the funds needed to deliver this storybook series to children across the world. We’re endeavouring to create a reading experience that is educational, tactile and social in its purpose,” said Lara Solomon, founder of Story Antics.

According to series’ author and teacher Amy Whiteford, the moment she heard about Story Antics' personalised recipe books for kids she knew that it was a project she wanted to be involved in.

Cooking with children has so many benefits. It is a life skill that can help to form adventurous and healthy eaters. Time in the kitchen can also assist with fine motor skills, literacy, numeracy, science knowledge and creativity. Lastly, having fun in the kitchen can build relationships and confidence,” said Whiteford.

“These personalised recipe books are a fun and different way to get cooking with your children. The story-based recipe and beautiful illustrations just add to the experience, making it easier for both children and adults to follow along. There is a range of sweet and savoury recipes, all with a healthy spin to show children that any recipe can be fun to get involved with.”

Each personalised recipe storybook in the series features a cute kitchen helper, from a cuddly koala to a lively lorikeet, which are brought to life through beautifully whimsical illustrations that capture the playfulness of the combined reading and cooking experience.

“I came up with the theme of each storybook as a creative response to the recipe. These themes informed the colour scheme and the character designs for the rest of the book. For example, the cheesy quinoa crackers book is space themed as the moon looks like cheese”, said illustrator, Britney Fong.

With recent industry research indicating that kindergarten to year 12 students who average a daily reading time of less than 15 minutes are only exposed to an average of 1.5 million words compared to the 5.7 million words for those children who read for 15-29 minutes, the vitalness of regular comprehensive reading is again in the spotlight.

“As the prevalence of technology is only increasing, it’s becoming progressively common to see that time spent reading books is falling by the wayside. It’s imperative as parents, teachers and caregivers that we continue to educate and open young minds to the intellectual and creative benefits of reading. It’s a love that lasts a lifetime,” said Solomon.

With a new title to be released every month, beginning in April 2020, Story Antics is offering a unique opportunity for children to receive the recipe storybooks as a monthly mail out.

“This new series from Story Antics is fantastic; the recipe storybooks have procedural texts as well as hybrid texts which means the stories give children steps to follow, which is great for them from a learning perspective,” said Melbourne schoolteacher, Annie Sweet.

The recipe storybooks will retail for AU$20 each but with a $100 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, you will receive all six titles in the series.  All books will be shipped worldwide.

With the campaign ending on Thursday, 9 April 2020 there are several ways to pledge your support.

Story Antics Personalised Recipe Storybook Series – Kickstarter Campaign Pledges

Pledge 1: Love your Idea AU$1 or more

If you don’t have anyone who you might buy a personalised recipe storybook for then this pledge is for you. It is an “I love what you are doing and want to support you” 

Pledge 2: One Personalised Recipe Story Book AU$20 or more

Be one of the first to get a copy of any one of the six personalised Recipe Storybooks in the series. We will contact you once the campaign has been funded to find out which book you’d like and to get the personalisation details. This reward includes free shipping to Australia & New Zealand, outside it is AU$8 per book. Delivery time will depend on which book you’d like, as some will be finished earlier than others.

Pledge 3: The Whole Recipe Story Series AU$100 or more

Own every single copy of the new personalised recipe storybook range. We will contact you once the campaign has been funded to get your personalisation details. You just need to personalise one book and those details will be used in all six. This reward includes free shipping to Australia & New Zealand, outside it is AU$15 per series. All six books will be sent at once.

Pledge 4: Classroom Reward – 30 Books AU$500 or more

Feeling like doing a good deed? This reward will get you 30 copies of one of our recipe storybooks. Perfect to get the whole class cooking. The books can be personalised; it’s up to you. We can find a local Sydney school classroom to give them to or we can send them to you to donate to your local school. You can choose the book, the dedication inside and the character names and looks. This may be delivered earlier than August depending on the book chosen.

See the campaign on Kickstarter


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