Stirling Highland Games Generates £2.9 Million Economic Impact for Local Area and Stakeholders

News provided by Ceangail on Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Stirling Highland Games proudly announces the remarkable economic impact of its annual event on the local area and stakeholders since 2014. Through the annual visitor survey, it has been revealed that the Stirling Highland Games consistently injects a significant sum into the regional economy, underscoring its pivotal role in driving growth and prosperity.

The Stirling Highland Games, steeped in tradition and cultural significance, serves as a vibrant celebration of Scottish heritage, attracting visitors from near and far to revel in the spirit of camaraderie and competition. Beyond its cultural significance, the event plays a pivotal role in stimulating economic activity across various sectors, benefitting local businesses, vendors, and residents alike.

According to the latest findings, the Stirling Highland Games event contributed an impressive £644,000 to the local economy last year. This substantial economic infusion is attributed to several key factors, including increased tourism, heightened consumer spending, and enhanced visibility for the region on a national and international scale.

The event serves as a catalyst for economic growth, drawing in thousands of attendees who patronize local establishments, hotels, and eateries throughout the weekend. From quaint family-owned shops to bustling restaurants, businesses across Stirling would experience a surge in foot traffic and sales during the event, bolstering their bottom line and helping them foster long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, the Stirling Highland Games creates invaluable opportunities for local and national artisans, crafters, and vendors to showcase their talents and products to a diverse audience. The event's Traders Village serves as a bustling hub of commerce, offering a platform for Scottish traders to connect with event visitors and generate revenue, thus contributing to the economic vibrancy of the local community.

Beyond its direct economic impact, the Stirling Highland Games also yields numerous indirect benefits for stakeholders, including providing a practical learning experience for up to 20 young people each year who are part of Ceangail’s Skills Connect training programmes. The event serves as a focal point for cultural exchange and interaction, showcasing Stirling's rich cultural heritage globally.

As Ceangail looks towards the future, the Stirling Highland Games remains committed to fostering economic growth, supporting trading businesses, and enriching the fabric of our community. Through continued collaboration and innovation, it aims to continue to serve as Stirling’s leading annual outdoor cultural sporting event.

This year's event takes place on Saturday 17th August at Stirling Sports Village between 10:00 and 17:00. Further details about Stirling Highland Games can be found at Further details about Ceangail’s vocational training programmes for young people can be found at

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Stirling Highland Games Generates £2.9 Million Economic Impact for Local Area and Stakeholders

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