StepTwin® Bike - You sit! You walk! You ride!

A Revolution On Two Wheels.
StepTwin® Bike is a cross-over between a bike and the stepper machine for superior workout experience.

Two legs - Two independent driving gears.
There is a separate chain drive for each of your legs.
You can sit, walk and ride a bike at the same time.
Decrease loss of speed because of absent “dead points”.
No limits to the amplitude of pedal movement in the set frameworks.

Key Features:

  • Free pedal travel
  • Dual, independent drive technology
  • It does not overload the joints of the body
  • Automatic & Manual speed change
  • Multi-size - Adjustable for all heights
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Unisex

  • StepTwin Bike feels like a soft run without striking a rigid surface. Muscles work naturally as when walking. StepTwin Bike is a new urban style of cycling and creates unlimited opportunities on rough terrain.

    Dependence of acceleration on pedal height.
    Automatic (smooth) change of the transfer moment to the driving wheel.
    We have created a completely new mechanism for converting translational motion into rotary motion, by means of which you can control the physical load.

    Variable physical application.
    No other bike in the world offers that much variety!
    You can press the pedals at the same pace as you usually walk up the stairs.
    You can press two legs on the pedals at the same time.
    You can press the pedals with your feet as you like.
    You can press one foot on the pedal.

    StepTwin Bike is smaller, lighter and easier to use than any other stepper bike in the world. The StepTwin Bike is foldable and fits in a trunk of a car. This makes it a practical means of transport fit for sports, leisure and commuting.

    StepTwin Bike opens up a world of cycling opportunities. It will change the way you move, travel and exercise on your bike.

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