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As part of a fast growing, competitive industry, Get Up and Go Marketing understand that it can be tempting to multitask to stay ahead. However, the sales and marketing firm has stated that the real key to success is to stay organised and focus on one goal at a time.

Chelmsford-based, Get up and Go marketing is a sales and marketing agency who aim to be different from the rest of the agencies. The firm offers a unique approach to improving client customer acquisition by getting in front of the customers and providing imaginative and engaging marketing campaigns.

About Get Up and Go Marketing:

Get Up and Go marketing works with many young professionals, many of whom lack prior experience in the sales and marketing Industry. Knowing how difficult it is to get into the business world, without having a strong background of experience, the company are heavily invested in teaching and sharing their repertoire of business skills, offering advice to any budding young entrepreneurs to help build their contractors' confidence and future success.

The firm understands that many people tend to take on too much when starting a fast-moving industry such as the sales and marketing industry however this behaviour is ultimately detrimental to progression. As for multitasking or attempting to take on more tasks than a person can handle causes tasks to be performed at a lower standard or instead many of these tasks end up not being finished off. It is better to do one activity, complete the activity then move on to the next. Otherwise, there is the risk that they will not be not completed.

In an article, Dr Sanjay Gupta explains that the brain is not as effective at multitasking as most people would expect. When a person is doing an activity and then quickly switches to another task; what happens is that attention is diverted from the first activity to the second activity. The tasks are not being performed simultaneously as would be imagined. It is challenging to do two activities at the same time, what happens is as this switch occurs between activities, there is a lag as the brain switches between tasks, taking both time and effort. So as Gupta continues, what has happened is a person, in reality, is much slower and not nearly as good at doing activities as if it had been done individually. Which affects both performance and the quality of the work produced.

While there is a small population of people who are gifted at multitasking, most people cannot multitask, it exerts more effort than is necessary. Get Up and Go marketing teaches people to set clear goals, focus on one at a time and celebrate each milestone and this leads to success through their business development programme.


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Stay Focused and You Will Be Successful States Get Up and Go Marketing