SparkBeyond Teams up with World-Renowned Researchers and Practitioners to Fight Global Threats

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NEW YORK, September 21, 2020 -- SparkBeyond, an AI-powered problem solving platform that harnesses coplex data to identify the pain points of businesses and governments and provides them with solutions, through working with world-renowned researchers and professionals, today announced its formal collaboration with Pivot Projects. This is a global collaboration that is looking to help the world tackle complex, societal and natural systems that have been impacted by COVID-19. Comprised of academic and professional researchers and practitioners, supported by Resilience Brokers, the trans-disciplinary group is bringing together their expertise to help local and global stakeholders solve global problems using SparkBeyond’s AI-based platform. This announcement comes on the first day of Climate Week NYC, the largest international climate summit, as climate change is a top priority for the Pivot Projects team.

“We’ve decided to time our launch with Climate Week NYC because there is no issue that is more important right now,” 

said Colin Harrison, co-founder of the Pivot Projects. 

“We look forward to putting forward our resources, and combining them with the sheer computational power of artificial intelligence from SparkBeyond. We’re looking to bring forth new, fresh perspectives, help communities find real practical systems solutions and inform climate-driven policy decisions.”

Pivot Projects currently has over 200 volunteers from 31 countries, bringing leadership experience from organizations such as Arup, IBM and Jacobs, who have come together to harness collective intelligence, and a systems approach to help create a healthy, sufficient recovery for people and the planet, in partner demonstration regions. These are typically real-world problems that have been either caused or exacerbated by COVID-19 and climate change. To aid this global fight for sustainability, resilience, and equality, SparkBeyond is making its AI tools available to help the researchers achieve these results, as well as offering its own team members’ expertise. Resilience Brokers is supporting the Pivot Projects collective by providing its online collaboration tools, understanding of systems modelling and practical ways to connect to regions.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Pivot Projects. It is an important step in fulfilling SparkBeyond's mission to utilize advanced AI capabilities for the greater good,” 

noted Dr. Shay Hershkovitz, SparkBeyond Vice President of Climate Action. 

“This joint effort will allow us to truly achieve our vision of augmented intelligence: a deep human and machine collaboration, giving human experts new ways of strategic thinking for solving humanity's greatest challenges.”

Pivot Projects’ growing list of partners include the WWF Global, Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation and Global Leadership Academy-Solutions Lab for Scaling Sustainable Infrastructure.

To join the team, learn how to participate, or donate financial support to Pivot Projects, please visit

About Pivot Projects

By harnessing the vast experience of global researchers and practitioners, the wisdom of indigenous cultures, a unique database, and the sheer computational power of artificial intelligence, Pivot Projects members can discover unexpected opportunities to pivot local or national government policies. Members also provide state-of-the-art tools and virtual training for individuals, local communities, and policy makers across the globe to use systems-thinking to find their best regenerative, resilient pivot paths. Pivot Projects is hosted on a collaboration platform by Resilience Brokers Ltd, the operating company of UK Charity The Ecological Sequestration Trust.

About SparkBeyond

SparkBeyond empowers organizations to solve their most complex challenges. SparkBeyond’s Problem Solving Platform is designed to tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking, augment data with a multitude of external data sources, and enable adaptive AI systems ready for today’s dynamic world. The platform discovers complex patterns, identifies root causes and drivers of business outcomes. SparkBeyond harnesses humanity’s collective intelligence to generate millions of ideas in minutes and empowers organizations with strategic and operational intelligence for maximal impact.

Founded in 2013, the company has rapidly expanded its global footprint with offices in New York, London, Israel, Singapore, and Melbourne. Leading Fortune 500 companies partner with SparkBeyond across a broad range of verticals, including Insurance, Finance, Energy, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Life-Sciences, and Strategy Consulting.

About Resilience Brokers

Resilience Brokers is a UK-based networked organisation that works alongside cities, regions, utilities, developers and place based organisations to unlock value and drive sustainable performance by embedding systems thinking and collaborative approaches into planning processes. We have global project experience of doing this successfully including in China, Australia, Europe, Lebanon, Africa and South America.

As independent brokers, our phased offering supports partners to incrementally onboard, test and embed systems thinking and collaborative tools, a data-driven evidence base, and knowledge sharing that will help them reap strategic benefits, including up to 40% infrastructure-productivity dividends, reduced risk to multi-hazards and impacts from climate change, and putting citizens’ wellbeing at the centre of planning and investment.

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