SocialBox.Biz Offers Public Sector Partnerships for Satisfying Social Contracts

London, England, July 10, 2020: SocialBox.Biz, a London-based social impact venture providing homeless, elderly, and refugee populations with access to the internet, is helping schools across the country meet their social contracts.

Schools, universities, and councils are expected to meet their social obligations towards their country and community, SocialBox.Biz wants publicly funded institutions to know they are available for partnerships that can help satisfy social contracts.

SocialBox.Biz manages a “Laptops for the Vulnerable Initiative” in which they take outdated no longer needed but still useful electronics from companies, wipe them clean, and place them in accommodation services. These laptops help the refugees, homeless, and older people get into contact with their loved ones, as well as apply to jobs.

“We are providing schools with an opportunity to look good and attract recognition, awards, and new students, as well as provide an educational opportunity to teach youngsters about the power of giving back,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “With a simple unneeded electronic, any person can make a big impact today.”

Reusing old tech also emphasizes the important of sustainability and extending the lifespan of technology to reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions, something recently emphasized in this Bloomberg report:


Schools, councils, colleges and universities can showcase sustainable credentials and also receive green awards and grants for their commitment to the environment.

“We want everyone interested to get involved in this initiative so we can make a big impact on our community moving forward,” said Peter. “Especially with C19, there is more we can be doing to help the vulnerable.”

Councillor Anton Georgiou from the London Borough of Brent said, “I am pleased to be supporting the brilliant work being done by Peter and SocialBox.Biz.”

“As a local councillor in Brent, I am acutely aware that there are many vulnerable groups, including young refugees and asylum seekers in my borough who require computer equipment to help them continue learning. Often it is these groups who require the most support, and in these difficult times it is paramount that we do all we can to get them the equipment they need in order to limit any long term impact from being unable to study as normal,” said Georgiou. “It has been good to introduce SocialBox.Biz to Brent based charities, Young Roots, who are also seeking to address the needs of vulnerable groups. I am hopeful that this collaboration will result in more people in Brent getting access to needed computer equipment.”

Young Root works with young asylum seekers and refugees aged 11-25 in the London borough of Brent. Their team commented that many young refugees have been struggling to continue their learning during lockdown due to limited access to laptops and internet, and they openly support this initiative to ensure more young people can get the help and support they urgently need.

Another organisation, tells SocialBox.Biz about many students, including international students, suffering homelessness and shortage of tech access. Many students share a single computer, while others have no access at all.

Spokesperson from RSN refugee charity in Brent said: ”Refugee Support Network are incredibly grateful to SocialBox.Biz for supporting the young people we work with. As we transition our services online, laptops from SocialBox.Biz are crucial to maintaining that connection and face-to-face mentoring we provide to refugees. Without being able to get online, many vulnerable individuals would be left completely alone and unable to access important information.”

Through the Laptops for the Vulnerable Initiative, SocialBox.Biz is helping people connect with the world around them for career and educational opportunities. Public sector agencies looking to meet social contracts can do so while giving back to a worthy cause.

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