SocialBox.Biz Leading FTSE Index Partners Announce Carbon Emissions Reduction Through Laptop Handovers

London, the UK, July 2, 2019: SocialBox.Biz, a London-based laptop handover community interest platform that re-homes old donated computers with people in local accommodation services to help homeless, refugees, and elderly, this week announced their program is also helping big companies with their overall ESG efforts.

Having partnered with FTSE and Fortune 500 companies like BP, Regus, Aviva, Legal & General, and a slew of others, SocialBox.Biz has been helping the entities to create social justice and impact news that is favorable to clients and investors. However, taking it one step further, this kind of activity is now helping these companies score favorably with regards to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings.

“We know recycling this type of waste from landfills reduces methane emissions, which are 25-times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “Since ESG is a critical tool in measuring the sustainability of a company, including the ethical impact of investments made by companies, donating no longer needed but still useful laptops is an easy way to boost all three components of ESG.”

"Resetting machines with open source software prolongs the lifespan of equipment as it can be installed on older hardware. With the help of open source innovation this can be performed onsite, which lowers corporate Scope 3 emissions due to minimal need for handling and transportation – it enables local reuse and rehoming with a purpose,” said Peter.

Using the SocialBox.Biz platform, companies are able to effectively move away from ESG problems that can impact investor and stakeholder interest.

Local donations have been proven to reduce carbon emissions while providing a greater impact on the lives of those in reception. SocialBox.Biz is now partnered with dozens of charities that ensure the handovers occur with accommodation services, so no laptops are wasted.

SocialBox.Biz is aiming to hit their 1000th laptop handover milestone before 2020, and is continuing to seek out corporate sponsors to increase the donation numbers. Following this milestone, they are going to continue reaching for the stars, helping thousands along the way.

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