SocialBox.Biz Aims to Reach 1000 Laptop Milestone in 2020

January, 2020 - As we enter the New Year, the team at SocialBox.Biz continues to work toward our goal of helping as many people as we can with the Laptops for Homeless Initiative. Going forward in 2020, we are aiming to reach our 1,000 laptops goal, and to do this, we are going to be working to raise as much awareness for our initiative as possible. Fortunately, we already have a number of corporations and organizations on board and already helping us move towards reaching this exciting goal.

Since they have agreed to handover laptops and other unneeded items to SocialBox.Biz as part of the Laptops for the Homeless initiative, these companies are experiencing social capital and coverage, positive environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) ratings among investors and clients, and inclusion press that covers their proactive efforts.

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Since the inception of the Laptops for Homeless Initiative, we have crossed paths with so many companies and individuals. Through this journey, we’ve been a part in helping many homeless and disadvantaged people get back on their feet. By providing them with laptops, we are all helping these people connect with career and educational opportunities while helping them communicate with family, keep up with current events, and explore hobbies and special interests. This might seem like a small token of faith - to give someone who has been so disadvantaged a link to the world - but it is proving to be a life changing action that’s making a huge impact in the lives of those we are helping. We thank you and all of our partners for making dreams come true for so many people.

in 2019 SocialBox.Biz Announced ‘a Socialbox for Every IT Manager’ Campaign‘a-Socialbox-Manager’-Campaign

IWG ( Regus ) have SocialBoxes in over one hundred of their office sites in London and beyond...

Gio Valdez, Social Impact Projects Leader at SocialBox.Biz said: ''Our team is excited to move into 2020 and reach our goal of donating 1,000 laptops as part of the Laptops for Homeless Initiative. With our donation boxes, not only are individuals donating laptops, but they are also donating business suits and attire, shoes, other IT items, and more. Partnering with great companies like Regus has allowed us to widen the scope of our mission, and we’ve helped more people than ever this year. We’re excited to see what 2020 holds! ''

Let’s take a look at a few of the people we’ve helped last year with the Laptops for Homeless Initiative:

One person we helped this year, “MM”, is currently living with depression and, being new to the local area, is having a hard time connecting with support groups. MM wants to keep in touch with family members and hopes to look for college courses. With a laptop in hand, MM is able to have electronic communication with family members and an outlet to the rest of the world.

Another person we helped this year with the Laptops for Homeless Initiative, “SB”, has used his laptop to research local support groups, keep in touch with friends and family via the internet, browse YouTube, and log into his Universal Credit account for job search and to contact his work advisor.

“JK”, a 38-year old Spanish national who came to London for work in May 2019, fell upon hard times. He endured running out of savings and being stolen from before accessing The Passage for work. Today, he is in PRS accommodation and uses his donated laptop to look for a new job and keep in contact with his family in Spain.

We are excited to see the New Year and what it brings. This initiative has been a brilliant success, thanks to people like you who’ve believed in this initiative and worked to make it a success. In 2020, we are looking to donate laptops to help even more people in need. If you’d like to find out how you can help make the Laptops for Homeless Initiative a success in 2020, contact our team today!

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