SmartCam In Car Camera Proves Useful in an Accident - Insurance Case Study

News provided by SmartCamDirect on Monday 24th Sep 2012

In car cameras are becoming more and more common with drivers who are fed up of being lumped with the blame of an accident, that is not their fault. So called 'crash for cash' scams are on the rise and drivers have resorted to using in car cameras to capture any evidence which may be needed.

The SmartCam video camera has many uses, from capturing your antics as a track-day enthusiast, to providing a great start to being a budding film-maker.

It can also provide invaluable information in the unfortunate event of an accident, where it is often hard to distinguish which party is at fault without a reliable account. The SmartCam provides a clear, HD true view of events unfolding in front of it and can prove invaluable to any investigation regarding such situations. The SmartCam user has numerous possibilities including the angle and position for the camera, thanks to the adjustable lens head in the camera itself and the multi-jointed windscreen mounted holder,which is quick and effortlessly easy to install and position.

An example of the application of the SmartCam can be found in a users video here. By having a SmartCam mounted on his windscreen, the camera user can be seen recording a general daily drive, but during this drive, he was involved in an incident on the road. While negotiating a junction, managed by traffic lights, his car was hit by an inattentive driver in the adjacent lane. Thanks to the 1080P, Full High Definition footage captured on his SmartCam, investigators of the incident were able to see the whole pattern of events unfold before them, and clearly see where the blame lay. The footage proved invaluable in allowing the SmartCam user to claim the costs of the damage to his car on the other party’s insurance. This event is one example where the ever more popular in-car camera has proven useful, and the SmartCam is the best way to take part in this growing trend.

The cameras ease of use has great appeal. This aids the position it holds as one of the best products for capturing motoring footage. The simple procedure of mounting the lever-operated suction pad, which holds the super secure screw-mount for the camera, is the work of seconds. Even the action of activating the camera is made easier with this product as the SmartCam features a system that automatically turns the device on when the vehicles ignition is turned on. It also deactivates it when the motor is turned off, so, there is no worry about missing a moment of action, as the SmartCam is smart enough to always be ready. Also, the convenience of powering the camera from the universal cigar lighter power point means that battery issues are not a concern. Along with these features, it is also remarkably simple to effectively record your footage. The SmartCam has a standard SD card slot and once stored on this card, the footage can easily be transferred straight onto your laptop or PC for editing and sharing. Alternatively, the footage can be streamed straight from the SmartCam onto a television via a HDMI link, showing off your filmmaking in Full HD glory.

These features set the SmartCam camera apart from the rest, allowing you to spend more time effortlessly recording anything and everything you wish to.

By Christian Cornell

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SmartCam In Car Camera Proves Useful in an Accident - Insurance Case Study

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