Smart Separations Ltd. officially launches “Gino” on Kickstarter today. Destroy Coronavirus with your own personal air sanitiser.

GUILDFORD, July 2020 -Smart Separations Ltd., officially launched Gino on Kickstarter, a personal air sanitiser, using ViraTeq™ a revolutionary lightless filter coating that destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. The crowdfunding goal is set to £50K, giving backers the opportunity to choose different pledges at special prices. Reaching more than £20K within the first couple of hours - the team behind Smart Separations Ltd. is anticipating to reach their goal quickly, bringing them one step closer to bring Gino into the market.

Unlike other air sanitisers available in the market, Gino has been specifically designed to destroy coronavirus, using a revolutionary sustainable ceramic filter. Studies have shown there are over 1m microorganisms on average breathed-in every day, 800m viruses per square metre, and 7m airborne fungi and bacteria per cubic metre, in public indoor environments. Our aim behind Gino’s technology is to destroy microbes in the air, and to create a cleaner breathing environment for all of our users.

“After experiencing the latest global coronavirus pandemic, and most of us slowly returning to our normal routines - we will be exposed daily to this harmful virus.” says Hugo Macedo, CEO of Smart Separations Ltd. “It gives me great pleasure to share Gino with the world through Kickstarter. Gino’s sleek and portable design can easily sit on any surface; on a desk, in an office reception, in a classroom or restaurant, gradually reducing the number of microbes in the air”.

The unique manufacturing process used for Gino has also made it possible to create a sustainable product with the potential to dramatically reduce the wastage found with traditional disposable filters. The device has been designed to be a portable and personal air sanitiser, lightweight, quiet, low power consumption and easy to use - making it convenient for use in an office/personal desk area, a reception area, restaurant or simply at home.

The Kickstarter campaign will be running for 30 days, closing on August 5th. Backers have the super early bird access price to Gino for £99 per piece, and different packages will be available for bundle purchases.

Please see the Kickstarter campaign here:

How Gino works

At the heart of this technology is Smart Separations revolutionary ViraTeq™ coated filter. ViraTeq™ is a nanotech coating linked to a biocidal active substance. When the harmful air comes into contact with ViraTeqTM, the microbes burst like balloons do when they touch a cactus. ViraTeqTM has been tested against coronavirus and scientifically proven to destroy it. This small USB-powered device can keep the air around it clean, wherever you take it, with a fan that quietly pulls the air in a room through the filter. Gino eliminates harmful indoor bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air that passes through.

“As scientists, we have been researching scientific papers to understand airborne transmission and how easy microbes can transmit in enclosed spaces. We are not only concerned with coronavirus but with a range of other viruses, bacteria and the common flu that actually kills about 56,000 people a year in the US.” explains Sotiria Tsochataridou, Product Manager for Smart Separations Ltd. “I’m proud to be part of the research team behind Gino. Not many technologies out there support their claims with scientific evidence and were proven to destroy coronavirus, and Gino is a sustainable, low energy solution you can carry with you.” adds Sotiria.

Unlike HEPA filter technology devices that can end up harbouring harmful fungi or bacteria if not changed often, Gino’s filter destroys microbes on touch, and there is no need to change the washable filter, which should last for many years. The low energy consumption, quiet running and inexpensive maintenance, means it costs very little to have this constantly running, helping to keep you safe.

Design & Mechanism
Designed by award-winning designers Rodrigo Solórzano and Matthew White - Gino’s sleek portable design has been created to not only encase the components that make the air sanitiser, but as a clever solution for the user to have easy access for cleaning the filter. The scalloped base has been designed with a purpose: so there is 360 degrees air flow, for better air circulation.

“The ceramic air filter that makes Gino so unique is beautiful on its own. I wanted to make sure that this was not completely hidden, so we designed an enclosure, with a slit on one of the sides, so the smooth ceramic surface of this revolutionary filter can still be appreciated.” says Rodrigo.

Available in two different colours, Gino consists of 3 simple components: The ceramic filter, the body and the fan. A straightforward mechanism that is designed to let the nanotech coating do its job. The ceramic filter is encased by a durable PC/ABS blend and a 100mm fan using a rated air flow rate of 50 m3/h, and a sound meter reading of 35dB, “just below a whisper in a quiet library” says Matt White, Product Engineer. The low power consumption is also less than 3W, making it more efficient than other comparable small devices in the market.

“We wanted to create a quiet but efficient device that can not only do its job to destroy harmful viruses, but is sustainable and easy for people to use,” says Matt White. “By simplifying its components, leaving out any LED lighting or UV technology, we were able to lower energy consumption use, and let Smart Separations’ ViraTeqTM filter do its magic”, added Matt White.

The ceramic washable filter is coated with Smart Separations’ ViraTeqTM and should last for more than 5 years with no need to replace the filter. Gino is USB powered, and can be connected to a small power bank for ease of placement or travel.


Based out of Guildford, Surrey and Braga, Portugal, Smart Separations was founded in 2013 by research scientist Hugo Macedo to develop a new microfiltration platform using its patented ceramic membrane. Now partnered with the University of Surrey, it has grown to a team of 19, all dedicated to improving quality of life through innovation. Its accolades include the i3S Health Prize 2020, the Rushlight Clean Environment Award and The Guardian’s Startup of the Year and has previously won grant funding through Horizon 2020, Portugal PT2020 and Innovate UK.

Gino was designed by Rodrigo Solórzano, and Matthew White who met at the Royal College of Art in London. Rodrigo is an award-winning designer, known for his work in exploring the boundaries of geometry in his designs and drawing on nature and organic structures to create practical objects with a refined, everyday style. Some of his key collaborations include incorporating a foldable origami aesthetic into Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao handbags. Designing trophies, awards and robots capable of drawing portraits for advertising agency WPP. As well as constructing a bold, new style of collection box for the Red Cross. You can find Rodrigo’s work in galleries and exhibitions across Europe, the US, Mexico and Japan - as well as in auction by Pierre Berge & Associates.

Matthew studied Mechanical Engineering at Birmingham University as an undergraduate, before gaining his Masters degree in product design from the Royal College of Art in London. Matthew started Spark Product Creation in 2011, as a design and engineering consultancy and has had the opportunity to work on projects for a host of products by some well-known brands including Intel, Lakeland, Joseph Joseph, WPP, and Oxfam as well as Smart Separations. Offering both a design, engineering and advice service, Spark provides innovative and effective concept, production and business management solutions within the consumer, medical and industrial sectors, and beyond. Matthew is also a regular lecturer at the Royal College of Art.

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