Skyline Marketing shares four habits that make a highly profitable entrepreneur

News provided by Skyline Marketing Ltd on Monday 20th Mar 2017

Liverpool-based sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing offers aspiring entrepreneurs tips to develop four habits of success.

Skyline Marketing understands that being profitable requires confidence, a positive mind-set, and dedication to hard work. But beyond that, an aspiring entrepreneur has to be prepared to give up bad habits – poor time management, or maybe a lack of focus for example – to succeed. They need to replace these with higher quality habits; new practices that can ensure profitability if enacted on a daily basis. The firm, which specialises in developing aspiring entrepreneurs to success, has outlined four habits they believe will put you on the path to success.

About Skyline Marketing:

The first tip addresses time management. All successful entrepreneurs know that time can be their biggest enemy. Skyline Marketing believes in allocating one's time appropriately. Using the bucket system is a good approach to this. It involves focussing time and energy around those items on the top of the to-do list. This can be challenging for even the most experienced of all time-managers. The trick is in not getting bogged down by the little things, or minutiae of a business. They’ll only get in the way of achieving wider goals. “It’s vital,” says Skyline Marketing, “to concentrate your efforts where they’re most needed.” Managing Director of the company, Jamie Talbot, recommends mapping out immediate commitments at the end of every week:

“Sit down on a Sunday night, review the commitments you have for the week coming, whether they be meetings, travel arrangements, or presentations, and decide how much time each task needs to be allocated. Perhaps Client Projects will take up 40% of your schedule. Business Development might take another 40%, and Admin the remaining 20%. The key is predicting ahead of time, so you don’t get off track when the week actually rolls around.”

Another invaluable business practice is keeping track of numbers. If a person is not familiar with the latest stats for income, expenses, and profit, it’s impossible to be in control of the company. Knowing numbers inside and out is critical in finding out where to improve. Skyline Marketing recommends devoting ten minutes a week to reviewing these – input them into an Excel or Google spreadsheet for easy reference.

The third useful habit involves outlook. It's easy to be overcome by the amount of work pending, but to grow income, a person has to be ready for the next deal or client. High-performing businesses are consistently developing leads. By doing so, they ensure stability for their future, as well as benefitting their outlook on the present. When the company has continued direction, smaller problems seem more easily solved. Skyline Marketing suggests setting a daily goal - perhaps committing to reaching out to at least five business development contacts per day? Making this many contacts will inevitably lead to a few concrete leads, if not more.

Finally, it’s important to understand that customers will rarely come to the business’ front door for business opportunities, especially as a start-up. “Rather than assume that business will come your way, it's much more effective to take action,” states Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing. The trick is in being persistent; never give up on a potential business lead unless the answer is a definitive ‘no’. “Keep the conversation moving!” says Mr Talbot.

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales company that has successfully increased revenue since their commencement in 2011. The firm's rapid growth has seen them be named one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industries. Founded in Birmingham, they have recently expanded into Liverpool, which is emerging as one of the UK's most successful locations to start a business. Skyline Marketing Ltd is outsourced by businesses looking to expand their customer base and increase brand awareness.

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