Skyline Marketing Investigate the UK’s Most Daring Entrepreneurs

Not all big risks pay off, which is why many people are put off from the idea of entrepreneurship. However when risks do pay off the feelings and rewards can be hard to match. Recently Skyline Marketing has looked at the UK's most daring entrepreneurs as a source of inspiration and motivation.

Skyline Marketing are adamant that the UK's entrepreneur scene has never been so exciting; and thanks to more education and awareness on the realities of entrepreneurship, the UK could be set to benefit from an entrepreneurial boom in the coming years. The firm believe that entrepreneurs are helping to put the UK on the map as a hub for creativity and innovation and that the constant influx of new ideas is helping to shape a more efficient and vibrant business environment. Entrepreneurs are also continuing to contribute to the UK's economic growth. During the years following the recession it was widely reported that entrepreneurs played a vital role in boosting the UK economy. Now that the economy is starting to stabilise, the revenue generated by entrepreneurs and small businesses is a key component in keeping the UK on track as one of the world's largest economies. As supporters of UK entrepreneurship Skyline Marketing have developed their own educational programme for budding entrepreneurs interested in breaking into the sales and marketing industry. The programme allows participants to learn new skills and attend educational events where they can expand their knowledge of business management and leadership, all whilst working within the industry and gaining real workplace experience. To help inspire these young entrepreneurs to aim high and take more risks in business the firm have shared their favourite UK entrepreneurs as a source of motivation and outlined how their daring actions helped them achieve great success.

About Skyline Marketing:

Faith Hill, Founder of Spark Escapes

After making a name for herself as the publisher of leading music magazine NME, Hill left the safety and security of her high flying media job to start her own venture Spark Escapes. Working in France, Thailand and London, Hill set up Spark Escapes to help others discover their true career path by curating uplifting events and workshops to inspire, encourage and support people who want to start a business.

Robin Shimmin, Co-founder of DoJo

After being raised in the idyllic surroundings of the Peak District, Shimmin was always fascinated by urban living, and especially London. After graduating with a masters in aerospace Shimmin took the life changing decision to turn down a job offer from the European Space Agency in favour of following his passion for Urban living. Along with his friends Shimmin launched DoJo last August, an app which helps Londoners find the best places to eat, drink and go out. The app already has a huge following and is capturing the attention of major London venues and attractions.

Skyline Marketing believe that, although it can be initially scary for young people, entrepreneurship is a valuable learning experience and can provide important knowledge and skills that can set a person up for life. Because of this, the firm are constantly developing new ways to encourage their representatives to step out of their comfort zones, meet new people and try new things so that they too can become a well-rounded and confident entrepreneur.

Skyline Marketing is an innovative sales and event marketing firm that helps some of the UK's leading brands to forge stronger customer relationships and increase brand loyalty. Through face-to-face customer interactions at retail events and shopping venues the firm take the time to understand each customer's individual needs and preferences and work with their clients to deliver a product or service that best suits these unique requirements.

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Skyline Marketing Investigate the UK’s Most Daring Entrepreneurs