Shana Parmeshwar Embarks on a Solo Drive to The Gambia to Support STAND's Mission

News provided by Legs4Africa on Thursday 4th Jul 2024

Bristol, 17 June 2024 – STAND is thrilled to announce that Shana Parmeshwar, renowned adventurer and social media influencer, will embark on an extraordinary solo journey from Bristol to The Gambia. Shana's mission is to deliver prosthetic components and raise £10,000 to support STAND's life-changing work. She will be leaving on the 7th of July, and her journey is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Shana Parmeshwar, a 35-year-old former pilot, TV presenter, racing car driver, and entrepreneur, has dedicated her life to pushing boundaries and making a positive impact. Her latest endeavour is to drive 6,145 miles solo in her Ford Ranger, a journey that not only showcases her adventurous spirit but also supports a vital cause.

"Hi, I'm Shana, and I've faced immense challenges and criticism throughout my life, but nothing has deterred me from pursuing my dreams," Shana shares on her fundraising page. "The COVID years were particularly tough, plunging me into the deepest depression after a medical incident. It took a long time to recover, but this journey ignited a passion for exploring the world and connecting with people."

STAND, formerly known as Legs4Africa, is dedicated to providing high-quality prosthetic limbs and comprehensive rehabilitation services to amputees across sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to empower individuals with limb differences to live independent, fulfilling lives. Shana's journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and her commitment to supporting this mission.

"I'm partnering with STAND to deliver prosthetic legs and parts to children and young adults in The Gambia and other West African countries," Shana explains. "This journey is not just about adventure; it's about making a meaningful impact. Along the way, I will film my journey and create a documentary to raise awareness about the challenges and resilience of amputees."

STAND has a commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and community support. We aim to humanise the journeys of those we serve and spotlight the unique obstacles faced by individuals with limb differences in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Through this journey, I aim to raise £10,000 to support STAND's vital work," says Shana. "Your support will contribute directly to providing mobility and a brighter future to many lives. Let's make a difference, one mile at a time."

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Shana Parmeshwar Embarks on a Solo Drive to The Gambia to Support STAND's Mission

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