Set Smart Sales Goals with Emora Limited’s Top Tips

Sales and marketing firm Emora Limited has revealed their 6 top tips for setting smart sales goals, which they say are vital for success in business.

Setting and writing down goals improves chances of achieving them by 60% according to studies. Emora Limited is a successful sales and marketing agency, who often act within a mentor role for up and coming entrepreneurs in the local community. The firm considers practical goal setting as one of the most fundamental skills needed to maintain focus and accelerate career advancement.

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Emora Limited shares their top tips on setting smart sales goals:

1. Understand the psychology behind goal-setting – Sales people are often very in tune with human psychology, often sales training is developed around understanding human behaviours and responses. Goal setting should work the same way, knowing what goal setting does to cognitive function and how it impacts behaviours post goal setting will improve the practice. Psychologists have found that goal setting changes the chemicals in the brain and can boost motivation by 30%.

2. Recognise that sales goals are like any other type of goals – The best sales people are fundamentally exceptional relationship managers. Once this has been realised, intrinsic pressures can be relieved, and the sales process will naturally relax, and in most cases, improve results.

3. Encourage regular feedback – Find an accountability partner that can afford the extra time to assist in goal setting and reviewing. The feeling of being accountable for goals can provide additional motivation during periods of adversity.

4. Focus on what you and your team can control – It is important to set actionable goals to boost morale, by setting goals that are difficult to manipulate to create results can have a negative effect on team morale. Understanding the control element in selling is encouraging buying behaviours and will go a long way to boosting confidence.

5. Give your salespeople some autonomy with their goal-tracking – By taking the time to assess personal results as a sales person, it will allow a proactive approach to be taken when highlighting areas for improvement. High achievers thrive when goals are being reached as it boosts confidence and can allow extraordinary results to be achieved.

6. Have a plan for bouncing back – Not all goals will be obtained on the first attempt, successful salespeople excel at bouncing back and have an efficient system to take opportunities to learn and improve for future situations. Consider factors that have affected the ability to succeed, such as ‘was time management off?’ or ‘were the goals too ambitious?’ An effective goal setter considers could any of these factors be modified to improve future results.

Sales and marketing firm, Emora Limited, provides clients with an innovative and efficient solution to brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition through the method of direct marketing. They provide campaign management and measurable results to allow the clients they work with to efficiently improve their overall client base. The firm is committed to developing well-rounded business people through their mentoring services and frequently run free workshops designed to upskill their contractors.


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