Emora Limited Reveals 7 Things Entrepreneurs Should do Before 7am

Sales and marketing firm Emora Limited has shared the 7 things entrepreneurs should do before 7am if they want to set themselves up for a successful day.

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Emora Limited urge budding entrepreneurs to become obsessive about establishing morning habits. Becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight, so it makes sense to get a head start in the mornings. Getting off on the right foot in the morning can kick start the day, boosting productivity, eliminating wasted time and improve internal motivation.

Emora Limited unveil their top 7 things to tick off before 7am:

1. Fully wake up – With top examples from successful entrepreneurs including Richard Branson, being an early riser allows relaxed wake-up periods and time to catch up on the news and squeeze in some exercise.

2. Avoid your phone – By focusing on activities that will improve mood and productivity, it prevents distractions that could induce stress or interfere with achieving goals for the day.

3. Exercise or meditate – Exercise releases the natural feel good hormones endorphins, activities that increase blood flow, improve the immune system and increase overall energy levels.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast – A healthy breakfast will fuel brain ad body for the start of the ay, avoid sugary cereals and instead focus on low-fat proteins such as eggs, fruits and vegetables, and try to introduce dairy alternatives such as soy milk. Be sure to hydrate with lemon water to kick start natural blood sugar regulating energy.

5. Lift your spirits – Invest in good mental health, by pre-selecting morning literature, entrepreneurs are great at boosting their inner thoughts by taking the time to read a motivating book or watching a lifting Ted talk.

6. Set your goals and priorities – Get into the habit of setting weekly goals on a Sunday, this will keep the focus on important tasks as the week progresses. Daily to-do lists should be completed early in the morning to boost productivity, and time sensitive tasks should be completed early to reduce stress levels.

7. Get down to business – With the previous six points complete it leaves the opportunity to check in on emails, after all, that was all done before the average person hits snooze.

Sales and marketing firm, Emora Limited, provides clients with an innovative and efficient solution to brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition through the method of direct marketing. They provide campaign management and measurable results to allow the clients they work with to efficiently improve their overall client base. The firm is committed to developing well-rounded business people through their mentoring services and frequently run free workshops designed to upskill their contractors and create healthy habits to ensure their road to success runs as smoothly as possible.


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290427

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