SEO specialists reveal huge issues of Riga's official website

Digital marketing company Uprankd performed a full SEO audit of the website to find out whether it is able to reach its target audience and perform the functions of the website. 

The website was launched at the end of 2009, to attract tourists and investors to Latvia, but the study shows that it has not fulfilled its tasks and reached its primary target audience (foreigners) from the very beginning.

LIVE Riga is currently managed by the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency, as the previously responsible Riga Tourism Development Bureau (RTAB) was liquidated at the end of 2020. The newly established agency has not made any changes to improve the website's features, as it is currently focused on visitors from Latvia, making it more difficult to attract foreign investors and tourists. The page lacks quality backlinks and is loading too slowly, which hinders the user experience of the page.

Uprankd SEO specialists call for the research to be taken into account when planning future changes to the website, as the LIVE Riga website does not currently operate as a tourism site and does not focus on foreign countries, although these are its goals. 

Foreign people can't find this website because, for example, the "Invest" page can be found in the Google search engine with only 6 keywords, which cannot attract visitors to the page, and about half (46.25%) of all the keywords found in the Google search engine are in Latvian. 

The content on the page should be useful and informative, but it is general and does not provide the necessary information that would be useful, for example, for tourists from abroad.

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SEO specialists reveal huge issues of Riga's official website