Self-Published Book "Self-Motivation: Anyone can do IT, if i did IT" debuts in top 20 amazon best sellers

New self-published book arises hits the amazon best sellers on debut release
A new book has been released in the last couple of days which had debuted within the top 20 amazon best sellers list in the Computer Scientist Biography category with titles alongside books from the likes of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

This new book is a self-motivation book entitled "Self-Motivation: Anyone can do It, if I did IT" which is an independent self-published title by Dujon Walsham who is the owner of Walsham Solutions which is an IT service organisation.

What is the book about

The book focuses on the biography of his career from first starting within the computer industry from just turning 18 after opting leave college to pursue a career within the IT industry and covers all the realities which one would face when either starting at a young age, any age, whether you're school/college/university leaver it has a very broad audience appeal to all to show not only the obstacles they had faced, but what others may also face along their journey in anything which they may wish to pursue. At times its raw but real without lying or sugar coating what could be. As the blurb says at the back of the book "This is a book I would have loved to have seen when I first started out".

Who is the Author
Dujon Walsham is currently a computer architect within his specialised space within the IT industry. He also is no stranger to the media with articles published about him on ComputerWeekly and other various media outlets. He also has a regular blog on his website which you can check out on

Where Can I Purchase

The book is currently available on Amazon and Waterstones and also other book outlets. Formats available in Paperback and kindle devices.

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Self-Published Book "Self-Motivation: Anyone can do IT, if i did IT" debuts in top 20 amazon best sellers