Self-isolating with coronavirus? You might need one of these.

You've been told to self isolate / quarantine because of coronavirus / COVID-19 and you're determined to be responsible and follow Public Health England recommendations, to `separate yourself from others by staying in a ventilated room and use a separate bathroom if possible`. 

But what if there is only one loo in the house and it`s used by those you want to protect? Or you live in shared accommodation (university halls of residence or similar) with a communal kitchen, bathroom(s) and living area, and you've been told to stay in your room with the door closed, only coming out when necessary.

Whilst it might initially seem a bit of a yukky backward step, using a modern day chamber pot in the privacy and safety of your own room might provide the answer. 

Gone are the days of an big ugly open bowl hidden under the bed and the associated risk of smells and spillage. 

Enter the Handi-P an aesthetically pleasing urine collection vessel that doesn't need to be hidden away, (looks like an Ikea vase), will hold up to 3 average bladder fulls of urine without spilling even if knocked over and go on to hold up to 5 bladder fulls whilst remaining incredibly stable. It captures odour, baffles noise and is easy to empty and clean. 

Originally designed to help users get back to sleep more quickly and reduce the significant injury risk associated with tricky trips to the loo at night, the Handi-P is of service wherever and whenever the need to pee is compromised, in the home, travelling, camping and at festivals. 

The coronavirusCOVID-19 poses enough problems on its own and anything that reduces the added burden of self isolation and minimises further exposure to the virus should be welcomed, the Handi-P can help .

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Self-isolating with coronavirus? You might need one of these.