Rolio Combines Real-time Content From The 'Net With Social Media In Free Web App

News provided by Rolio on Wednesday 19th Sep 2012

A new website dubbed Rolio has been formed to aggregate information from various websites around the Internet in one visual interface making it easier to keep up-to-date with your favorite topics. Designed in light, airy colors and an easy-to-read format, Rolio allows users to choose from thousands of different sites and add RSS feeds for any site not featured within the existing directory. Moreover, individuals using the site can easily connect with social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, to integrate content into their timelines for ease of use, as well.

This simple form of surfing is sponsored by Microsoft under BizSpark Plus. This connection allows Rolio to take advantage of a number of start-up resources, including Microsoft products and services and a sponsorship of cloud-based resources.

The brainchild of two UK-based entrepreneurs just 29 years old, the duo came up with the idea together after being friends for a number of years. The idea is that people don’t have the time nor the inclination to spend going from site to site on a regular basis to get bits of news from everywhere. Rather, Rolio offers them the time-saving option of reading aggregated news and other Web content in one place, to eliminate the need to flit from site to site online. This lightning-quick access makes surfing the Internet much more efficient and allows users to spend more time on the very news and information that drew them to get online in the first place. Furthermore, it allows for a centric place in which users can keep up with the sites that they visit most often without the need to create a bunch of bookmarks and other placeholders on your computer for your favorite sites. Rolio does it all for you, making your Internet time more effective, efficient and full of quality reading and time spent experiencing all of the benefits of it. The native mobile application is also currently in development and will be available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, in Q4 2012.

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Rolio Combines Real-time Content From The 'Net With Social Media In Free Web App

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