​Roar Ambition hosts Commitment Workshop

Liverpool-based marketing specialists, Roar Ambition recently hosted a motivational workshop for their contractors which centred on the power of commitment.

Roar Ambition recently hosted a motivational workshop for their contractors which was based on an inspiring video the firm found on entrepreneur.com titled, ‘Grant Cardone: 6 commitments you must make to be successful.’ As big fans of entrepreneur, public speaker and business mogul, Grant Cardone and what he has been able to achieve in his lifetime, Roar Ambition felt inspired by his tips on commitment and revealed to their contractors why commitment is of such importance in business.

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Roar Ambition feels that being committed in business is vital for success. The firm believes that if a person is not committed to achieving their goals they will only ever start things and never complete them. Here, Roar Ambition has outlined the 6 commitment tips from Grant Cardone which inspired them:

Commitment to greatness
“Being committed starts with a decision that you have to make over and over again,” reveals Roar Ambition. The firm explains that in order to become successful and achieve greatness a person must make success, not their goal or opportunity but their responsibility, duty, and obligation. “This is how you develop unwavering motivation,” highlights the firm.

Commitment to learning
Grant Cardone wasn’t a born salesman, he committed to learning and improving in every area that he could in order to become a success, outlines Roar Ambition. The firm believes that in order to dominate the industry it is important to learn from the best.

Commitment to what works for you
“Consider your environment, community and work habits to find a rhythm and schedule that works for you,” explains Roar Ambition. For Grant Cardone, it is staying very active, to the point others may call him a workaholic, but he does not care because it works for him.

Commitment to being open
Roar Ambition recommends sharing goals with others. “There is great power in stating your goals publicly – if you are publicly committed there is no turning back,” states the firm.

Commitment to thinking bigger
Grant Cardone has publicly admitted that his “biggest mistake in life” was that he “thought too small for too long.” Roar Ambition encourages their firm to think bigger and really push for the big goals, “you have the potential to achieve anything you put your mind to, so make it something big,” shares the firm.

Commitment to your legacy
Taking inspiration from Grant Cardone, Roar Ambition recommends writing out major life goals every morning and evening. Mr. Cardone believes that “if you create great work, it will stand the test of time and even impact future generations.” His commitment is to something much bigger.

Roar Ambition feels that these six commitments are important lessons for success in business and believes that sharing these with their contractors will inspire them to think big and set goals which they truly want to achieve and will do everything it takes to achieve.

Roar Ambition runs regular motivational workshops as they believe they are a hands-on approach to learning and developing the skills that it takes to be successful in a business environment. The firm highlights how the workshops offer guidance to individuals who want to achieve success but are unsure of the first steps.

Roar Ambition is a Liverpool-based sales and marketing firm which works on behalf of clients to deliver exciting direct marketing campaigns. These campaigns are rolled out directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing methods which help to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/270947

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