“Great leaders inspire action,” states Roar Ambition

Liverpool-based sales firm Roar Ambition help to develop their young leaders on a daily basis. Here, the firm has revealed how great leaders inspire action.

When wanting to become a great leader, it can sometimes prove difficult to understand what it is that makes one. Simon Sinek has a theory in which Roar Ambition firmly believe in and use to motivate their contractors. The firm has recently run a motivational meeting for their contractors to inspire them and teach that great leaders inspire others to take action, using this theory to do so. Government studies revealed that 65% of organisations have a deficiency in leadership skills, something that Roar Ambition uses to help motivate their team.

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Simon Sinek is a famous author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant. His theory of the Golden Circle, a theory in which Roar Ambition often use, has challenged the way executives think about the emotional core of the business they operate. The theory offers insight into why some leaders and organisations can achieve an exceptional level of influence. It shows how some leaders have the ability to inspire action instead of using manipulation. This theory can be broken down into three key parts:

1. ‘Why.'

There are very few organisations that can state precisely the reason they do what they do. Most will say that it is to make a profit. However, this is actually the result of the reason. The 'why' is about the purpose, ‘why' is it that they provide the product or service, the deeper meaning behind it all.

2. ‘How.'

Most businesses and people know how they do what it is they do. Some will use a unique selling point, others a differentiating value proposition. The ‘how’ part of this theory is outlining how they do something different, or better than their competitors.

3. ‘What.'

Everyone knows what it is that they do. From small organisations to large corporate companies, the ‘what’ is just outlining the service or product that is available to the consumers.

Most organisations and leaders believe that the act of marketing and selling starts with the what, however, Simon Sinek explains that it all starts with the ‘why’. People are investing into the business and the reason they do what they do, not just simply purchasing a product or service.

A spokesperson from Roar Ambition stated, “It is vital to remember that people are buying from you because they believe in the same beliefs as you, not just because of what you are trying to offer them.” The firm offers contractors the opportunity to be part of their business development scheme, and it is through this scheme that they use Simon Sinek’s theory of the golden circle and the theory of why to motivate everyone to become great leaders. The scheme allows the contractors to understand the why behind what they are doing, moving on to how they can do this for themselves and what it is they will ned to provide. This is actioned through the development opportunity.

Roar Ambition are a Liverpool-based Sales and Marketing firm which provides a unique experience to their clients. The firm aims to be the ‘king’ of the industry and offer all clients the motivation and determination to deliver a successful, exciting and unique experience. The outcome of their direct and face-to-face marketing approach allows for an increase in customer acquisition and brand loyalty for clients.





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