Reverse Your Diabetes: New Scientific Research Provides Help For Diabetes With 3-step Diet Plan To Reverse The Disease In 21 Days

Type-2 diabetes, also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most common form of diabetes that affects almost 60% of the world’s total population. While all the diabetics are not necessarily overweight, obesity and lack of regular exercises are the most common factors attributing to this condition.

September 1, 2014 Can diabetes be reversed? This medical mystery has now been solved by medical researchers with a simple 3-step diet plan. “Reversal”, is the term that is used when diabetics can stop taking medications but follow a lifestyle program to keep a check on their condition.

The 3-step diet plan (visit full presentation here )

The 3-step diet plan is a savior for type-2 diabetics. The diet plan contains:

  • Adding all natural foods (leafy green vegetables and fruits) to the diet making it a diabetes-friendly diet.
  • Adding a 30 minutes exercise (breathing, cardio, meditation, stretching, relaxation etc) to the daily routine.
  • Adding natural supplements (vitamins A, B & C, magnesium, calcium, biotin etc) intake in the diet.

All the three steps are vital for reversing diabetes. Diabetes-friendly diet and regular exercise improves the insulin usage of the body, lowers the blood sugar level and maintains a sound health.

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Make lifestyle changes that matters and reverse diabetes

Shedding extra pounds have an added advantage for all the diabetics as it helps to control blood sugar level. While for some diabetics, reaching the healthy weight limit means taking fewer medicines, for most of them, it means completely stopping all the medications. In both cases, it is definitely very helpful.

A 10% loss in body weight can help diabetics to reverse the affects of diabetes and lead a healthy life. A recent study showed that people with type-2 diabetes that exercised for 175 minutes a week and maintained their daily calorie intake to 1500, successfully reversed diabetes and got off their medications completely.

Know the goal and go for it

The goal for diabetics is to lose extra weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. Just go for it, and reverse your diabetes today. Some days, there will be a lack of motivation but don’t let self-defeating thoughts overpower you. Eat healthy; exercise regularly and put your first steps in the journey of reversing diabetes.

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Reverse Your Diabetes: New Scientific Research Provides Help For Diabetes With 3-step Diet Plan To Reverse The Disease In 21 Days