republiqe Clothing Drops Earth Day Inspired Crypto Fashion Looks as NFTs

To commemorate Earth Day on 22 April 2021, leading virtual clothing brand republiqe has added 4 crypto fashion looks into its NFT collection and is available for auction on until 20 May 2021! This unique digital foursome is thoughtfully designed with an Earth Day inspired pattern that symbolizes a blend of nature vs nurture, created from the brand's Human Nature and Future Earth concept.

The 4 piece collection for Earth Day consists of a simple yet delicate crypto mini dress, an elegant crypto meta gown, a crypto tailored pea jacket that oozes regal femininity and a contemporary crypto hoodie dress. In line with republiqe's brand values, the digital-only fashion brand encourages consumers to strive for a more mindful and sustainable consumption behaviour through a zero-waste alternative closet. Fans of the digital brand can look forward to more exclusive drops from the NFT portfolio such as the previous capsule on World Health Day.

Once a relatively unknown part of blockchain technology, NFTs have recently exploded in popularity (growing over 300% in the last year) as more people start to chase these inherently unique and irreplicable digital assets, and the prices are skyrocketing. Christie’s auction house has sold its first piece of NFT-linked digital art for US$69 million, while the very first tweet in the world has fetched above US$2.9 million. From artwork to autographed tweets, anything digital can be an NFT – with a catch. NFTs are unique, and function similar to certificates of authenticity that are linked to a string of characters that identify the originality of the digital asset. While digital assets can be easily copied, the NFT-linked digital asset proves the originality of that copy. This concept does not only allow crypto enthusiasts to bid for full ownership of the exclusive digital collectibles which are authenticated as unique, re-sellable NFTs, but seen as investment pieces worth the splurge.

Since republiqe’s 2020 debut at the height of the pandemic, the digital couture brand has since sold over 500 garments. The pieces will continue to reflect the hallmarks of republiqe’s 100% digital luxury couture, which goes beyond traditional clothing materials to support the emotional fulfilment of maximum style and zero carbon footprints, while driving further progress towards sustainability and fashion inclusivity. Like every digital piece from republiqe, the bespoke republiqe NFTs are literally designed to fit any size, and will be digitally-tailored to the exact measurements of the final bidder. Founded by James Gaubert, the digital fashion brand spearheads the digital revolution by inviting the next generation to advocate sustainable style alternatives through the exciting and limitless possibilities of social dressing, the digital way.

States James, “It’s our responsibility to provide an alternative approach to fashion by offering an opportunity to practice sustainability and at the same time bringing back the core of what fashion stands for – a limitless and inspiring work of art that truly allow consumers to express their individuality and identity.”

About republiqe:
Founded in 2020 republiqe’s mission is to redefine and disrupt the fashion industry through tech driven digital clothing and creativity. As the world's first fully digital luxury consumer fashion brand republiqe blends a mix of creativity, technology and sustainability. republiqe has endless creative opportunities with no boundaries or limitations, coupled with a tech driven approach to every element of their design and supply chain, ultimately ensuring a fully sustainable and ethically produced set of digital garments.

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republiqe Clothing Drops Earth Day Inspired Crypto Fashion Looks as NFTs