Querencia: 10 Things to Avoid Ensuring Success

Querencia revealed the ten things successful people never do to their contractors and highlighted the changes that people will make if they want to be successful.

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Successful sales and marketing firm Querencia are proud of the results they deliver in both client expectations, but also how successful they have been in improving opportunities for individuals being mentored by the firm. They're committed to producing well-rounded businessmen and women, and they are well known for their insightful workshops that offer a greater understanding of how to achieve greater success.

This week saw Querencia host a workshop on ten things to avoid, guaranteeing success:

1. Return to what hasn't worked. Every failed mission offers a host of learning opportunities. Avoid replicating actions that generated adverse conditions. Try a new approach until the desired result is achieved.

2. Do anything that requires them to be someone they are not. Each project should be selected to match personal values or to produce skills to improve performance for the future.

3. Try to change another person. The phrase, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink, suits point three perfect. Avoid forcing people to action, and this can drain personal resources for little return. Instead, source individuals who are eager to participate.

4. Believe they can please everyone. Everyone has diverse tastes on everything, and it isn't always possible to please everyone. Choose associates wisely to maximise potential.

5. Choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit. Sacrifice is almost always required to achieve success, avoid choosing the easy route, often this ill only prolong the process and make the journey to success both longer and more difficult.

6. Trust someone or something that appears flawless. Nothing and no one is 100% perfect, that's the joy of life. People will strive to be the best they can both personally and professionally. If something appears too good to be true, the likelihood is that it is.

7. Take their eyes off the big picture. Remembering and focussing daily on long-term goals is vital to success. Ensure one step is taken each day to maintain momentum and make steady pace.

8. Neglect to do due diligence. Assess each proposition thoroughly before accepting the challenge ensure that the objective is achievable.

9. Fail to ask why they are where they find themselves. It is a skill to be able to assess how a destination is reached. Avoid laying blame, instead, take the opportunity to approach the next step realistically. The past cannot be changed.

10. Forget that their inner life determines their outer success. Find inner peace to ensure success is achievable. On a journey to success, it is vital to look after mental wellbeing.

Querencia is a new company developed to bridge a gap for brands who understand the importance of a personalised face to face resource for their customers. Bringing brands to life in showcase promotions the firm have sparked interest in their unique approach. The company was named after the Spanish term referring to a safe place for people to go and draw strength. This is the exact function the company has created for its clients. By offering brands the power to win even the most competitive markets, they are pleased to see their business model attract top household names from the offset.



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