Plich Advisory Solves Pharma & Biotech Companies’ #1 Complaint. New company’s advisory services like Pricing & Market Access Strategy “Pressure-Test” already a hit with Specialty Pharma and Biotech companies in Europe and the U.S.

15th November 2018, AMSTERDAM – What is the #1 complaint about today’s specialty pharma and biotech companies?

According to Adam Plich, it’s that none of them properly address how to develop, price and position a new medicine in the European or US market so as to reflect its true worth from launch to loss of exclusivity.

That’s been the case until now, anyway. Plich Advisory, based in Amsterdam, is promising to end the major problems associated with introducing a new healthcare product to the market.

‘Talking with specialty pharma and biotech profit and loss holders as well as heads of pricing, market access and health economics, one thing that became very clear was that they were searching for a way to monetise products’ true worth in pricing, quickly gain a competitive advantage and secure broad patient access,’ said Adam Plich of Plich Advisory. ‘Quite simply, I’ve had that problem myself, and that’s why I decided to start this business,’ said Plich. ‘What we’re offering with our advisory services is a way to make it easy for these executives and senior managers to do what they don’t have the expertise to do themselves so that they can achieve their objectives with a tremendous amount of confidence.’

In today’s global healthcare environment, governments and payers question the value and price of new medicines. Increasingly, they don’t put them on the reimbursement lists or formulary. With ballooning buyer power both in the US and in Europe, price competition is increasing, too. With Europe, there are over 30 countries, each with a different way to negotiate with specialty pharma and biotech companies. This adds to the complexity of the launch strategies for these verticals.

With Plich Advisory services, both emerging and established pharma and biotech companies will now be able to:

- adjust their early R&D plans to maximise pricing and commercial potential

- develop a commercial strategy in Europe and maximise the valuation of emerging companies

- pressure-test and develop their pricing and market access strategies and product value proposition

- prepare their teams for high-stakes health technology assessment (HTA) hearings and price negotiations

- manage price competition from launch to loss of exclusivity.

Bringing 15 years’ expertise in these areas to Plich Advisory, with the last 6 years at executive level in a global pharma organisation, Plich offers bespoke, customised advisory services to solve the specific problems that specialty pharma and biotech companies face when bringing products to market and keeping their market share worldwide. He creates efficient, immediately actionable solutions and supports clients throughout the entire implementation process in a fraction of the time taken by management consulting firms.

‘I chose Amsterdam as our base to serve our clients globally as it is the new home of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) post Brexit.’ Thanks to EMA’s relocation and the great science happening in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam area is already emerging as a leading life science hub for specialty pharma and biotech companies in Europe.

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