‘Latinx actor wanted. The possibilities are limitless - by which I mean 1 of 3: lover, fighter, comic relief.’

An actor from South America newly arrived in London very quickly realises he’ll mostly be hired to play exotic characters – gigolo, thug, pool cleaner with comedy accent - so he adapts. He moves, speaks and writes like a stereotypical Latinx person should.

But as he learns to play the game with increasing success, he starts to question how far he himself is becoming complicit in perpetuating the mythic nature of these stock characters and how much he is losing touch with his own identity.

In his one-person interactive show, writer/performer Guido Garcia Lueches merges spoken word poetry, stand-up comedy and music to explore both the wider issue of what the ‘Latinx’ label means in the UK and on a more personal level, the lengths we go to to fit in.

Guido Garcia Lueches is a Uruguayan theatre maker and poet specialised in devising performance, who focuses on multiculturalism, identity and the immigrant experience. He has been performing in the UK since 2015 and is the co-founder of the interactive theatre company Say It Again, Sorry?. Playing Latinx is his first one-person show.

Latinx is devised with and directed by MarianaMalena an award-winning Latin American female-led theatre company based in London. Founded by Malena Arcucci (Designer/Director) and Mariana Aritstizábal Pardo (Director/Performer) in 2016, it focuses on creating pieces that explore interdisciplinary and horizontal collaboration between artists.



Camden People’s Theatre

58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY

7.15pm Ticket prices: £12(£10)

Box Office: 0207 419 4841

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