Pioneering EdTech charity Global Teacher launches its first crowdfunding campaign

News provided by Global Teacher on Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022

Access to digital education is difficult for many in the developing world with 31% of the global population not having 3G coverage and 13% having no electricity. This means that approximately one billion people worldwide have no internet or electricity making their education incredibly difficult. This situation has resulted in nearly 15% of the world’s adults being illiterate (World Bank, 2022). As a result, those affected often get left behind. We want to change that.

Without electricity or access to the internet, students in developing countries often rely on donated textbooks for their education. Whilst a great starting point, out-of-date and culturally inappropriate donated textbooks are no match for the world-leading digital educational content that is available, but currently inaccessible to schools in off-grid, offline environments. We believe that exposure and access to high-quality education is the catalyst to unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s visionaries, innovators, and problem solvers.

Global Teacher have designed and manufactured the world’s first 3D-printed, solar-powered educational learning system which aims to put world-class educational content in the heart of marginalised classrooms across the developing world without the need for mains electricity or access to the internet. Introducing…Pod & Lumi.

Each Pod pack comes fully equipped with everything needed to empower teachers in the developing world and enable them to deliver world-class education to their students. All aspects of the product design, both software and hardware, have been deeply considered and designed around the end user. The eco-friendly solar powered battery pack can power the projector for up to 6 hours, more than enough for a full day of teaching and learning. Meanwhile, Lumi, our bespoke learning software is designed to give teachers and students all over the world access to current, relevant and appropriate learning material. Lumi is quick and easy to navigate. Designed for learning in challenging environments. Designed to empower tomorrow’s changemakers.

Global Teacher is now ready to send Pods into the field on their first international trials. We’ve partnered with the Breteau Foundation to send Pods to Mexico, Lebanon, and Ukraine to bring vital educational resources to refugee camps and marginalised communities. Through these 3-month trial deployments, we hope to better understand how Pod performs in the field so that we can set about our mission to educate one million marginalised students by 2030. This is an incredibly exciting time in the Global Teacher journey but we need your help to get us over the line and get these life-changing resources into the hands of the students and teachers we made them for.

One of our guiding principles is “if you want to fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Community and collaboration is in our DNA. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the many helping hands that have supported us along the way. Which is why it felt natural to launch our first ever crowdfunding campaign to mark this significant milestone of our very first international trials. By supporting our efforts and donating to our campaign, you will not only be helping a student in the developing world get the education they deserve, you will also be joining a vibrant community of changemakers who are passionate about activating the next generation of dreamers, visionaries and doers. Supporters can donate to our first ever crowdfunding campaign here:

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