Pickafund Launches First Of Its Kind All-In-One Search And Comparison Engine For UK Investors To Discover True Worth Of Their Funds


Pickafund, providers of clear, simple, independent tools to aid investing in Funds, today announced the launch of their search and comparison engine for UK investors. The site aggregates all available funds in one place and aims to show where a given fund ranks versus its peers based on various parameters. Its intuitive interface will cater equally to both beginners and seasoned investors.

Most existing search and comparison tools do not show the full population of investment funds available to UK retail investors. These engines also often divide mutual funds, ETFs and investment trusts into separate buckets which makes it difficult to properly compare funds of different types but with the same mandate.

With Pickafund, investors are now able to search for any type of fund available to UK retail investors allowing for clear and transparent comparison irrespective of structure. The innovative website can also rank a given fund in comparison to its peers using five possible criteria - including returns and charges. Additionally, investors will be able to see which of the main UK investment platforms offers their fund of choice for trading.

A perennial problem with the industry is that vendors only show you what they can sell to you. If a given fund is not available on their platform, you will never hear of it. Additionally, it is common practice for mutual funds, investment trusts and ETFs to be kept in separate pools so you’re not able to compare apples to apples. This goes against our core principle of being able to see all available options with the same investment objective side by side” said R. Colomer from Pickafund. “Any investor who wants to find out the true value of Pickafund just has to take a fund that they own, type it in, and immediately they will see how it ranks against its peers.”

The idea came from the team's personal experience of trying to analyse and compare available funds when managing their investments. It was a frustrating and cumbersome process which needed to be improved.

“Put simply, investors deserve better. A game changer in just a few clicks, Pickafund is a must see for anyone holding a fund or looking to invest in one. Rarely can you see the entire market and have such valuable, unbiased information presented to you for free.” adds Colomer from Pickafund.

The UK based fintech was founded by experienced finance professionals aiming to offer transparency, simplicity and completeness of investment choices. Its model focuses on eliminating existing biases and vested interests. The firm is agnostic and does not make investment recommendations nor takes money for investment purposes.

For more information, please visit www.pickafund.com or contact theteam@pickafund.com


About Pickafund

Based in London, Pickafund is a fintech startup launched to improve transparency and to offer clear, simple, independent tools to aid investing in Funds. By grouping together all types of structures, Pickafund allows users to compare and evaluate if they hold the best option for a given investment objective. Its entry to market will reshape how investors find and manage their fund investments by bringing down unnecessary barriers and eliminating traditional biases. Learn more at www.pickafund.com

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Pickafund Launches First Of Its Kind All-In-One Search And Comparison Engine For UK Investors To Discover True Worth Of Their Funds