PG3 reveals 5 steps to creating a positive company culture

Sales and marketing specialists PG3 pride themselves on their unique company culture. Here, the firm shares their top tips for creating a positive company culture that employees are proud to be a part of.

Exceptional business performance is only achieved by working with great people in an inclusive company culture. PG3 states that company culture is important to any business because it helps to attract top talent, retain top talent and increases motivation and passion for achieving success. The best companies are affiliated with a first-class company culture, and when a business is in its early days, the culture is the first thing to be formed and becomes influential to breed success.

About PG3:

The firm has a unique company culture which is reflected in their branding. They make all of their contractors feel like superheroes; teaching them the skills needed to succeed in the sales and marketing industry, providing regular travel and networking opportunities and mentoring to overcome challenges faced.

The firm has seen first-hand how their company culture impacts directly on the performance of the enterprise. Here, PG3 outlines five steps to creating a positive company culture to help other business that may be struggling.

1.Create a vision statement - Everyone involved in the company needs to know their job is contributing towards the overall company goals. By having strong foundations for a positive work culture, everyone involved will be happy to work towards the ultimate aim.

2.Work with positive people - Positive energy is one of the most powerful motivators in the workplace, so when looking to work with new people, it is important to seek out the positive ones. Create a company culture that lets people know that negative attitudes won’t be tolerated.

3.Establish an open door policy - A manager who is approachable and aware of the rest of the company will gain the most respect. The most successful business will have a company culture where everyone gets involved, and no task is too small.

4.Engage workers - Allow everyone to take an active interest in what is happening with the company. Daily and weekly meetings keeping everyone informed will generate a positive working environment.

5.Show appreciation - Establish a reward system for performance but remember that job satisfaction goes beyond material benefits.

PG3 is a trading name of AJG Direct. Led by Managing Director Gus Daniels; the firm specialises in creating and executing tailor made direct marketing campaigns on behalf of their client’s brands. The company connects with consumers on a face-to-face basis to encourage long-lasting and personalised business relationships between the brand and the consumer. PG3 is committed to continuous growth and business development through establishing a positive company culture in which everyone is valued.


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