PG3 host business discussion on topic of perception

London-based sales and marketing company, PG3 have been discussing the topic of perception with their contractors this week.

About PG3:

PG3, a sales and marketing firm located in North London, regularly host optional workshops which are designed to inspire and motivate their contractors as well as help them to develop new skill-sets which will help with their day-to-day activities and their overall goals. In this week’s workshops the firm have been discussing perception and how it affects a person’s performance.

The firm revealed how people often consider certain jobs and tasks to be hard work and say that they cannot do things but state how it is all about a person’s perception of that work which really limits what they can achieve. For example, a sales job may offer several challenges and people may choose to believe they cannot achieve good results for this reason but compared to the job of a busy A&E nurse there are far less challenges and the problems do not seem as detrimental to success. PG3 states how this is all about perception and how a person perceives their own abilities as well as the challenges that lie ahead of them.

PG3 also share how they believe that success is all based on what different types of people perceive to be a success. “Someone with less ambition will have a different perception of success than those with larger goals,” shares a spokesperson for the firm. “One person may aim to own their own home whereas a person with larger ambitions may not see this as success and feel that success is becoming a millionaire.”

PG3 encourage their contractors to be ambitious, as well as positive thinkers in order to perceive things in a way that gives them the right attitude to push for their goals. The firm’s workshop covered the importance of a positive environment and positive thinking as contributors to success as well as how a person’s attitude is crucial to the way they perceive certain situations.

PG3 is a trading name of AJG Direct. The firm is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in North London with market reach spreading across the UK. As specialists in direct sales and marketing the firm design and implement personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. PG3 connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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PG3 host business discussion on topic of perception