PG3: Are you Falling Short of Your Potential?

In a series of recent discussions, sales and marketing firm PG3 have been inspiring their contractors to go the extra mile in the pursuit of success. In the latest of these discussions, the firm asked whether their contractors are really fulfilling their true potential.

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It’s an unfortunate fact that many people never reach their full potential. There are various reasons as to why some individuals may feel that they have too many outside commitments to chase their dreams, whilst others may believe financial strains are a barrier. However the most common reason for people failing to live up to their full potential is fear. Sales and marketing firm PG3 believe that no matter what they may claim, everyone has a dream or a goal that they wish to accomplish. Yet the fear of failing prevents them from approaching these desires. The firm are convinced that by remaining average many people believe they can avoid fear. Whilst this does indeed limit the risk of failure it also prevents personal growth and achievement.

In today’s hotly competitive business world where entrepreneurship is thriving, it is more important than ever to work towards self-improvement and push forward into the unknown. People who are open to following their dreams in the face of risk grow to become better problem solvers, more knowledgeable and resilient – qualities that directly influence success. In a bid to inspire their young contractors, PG3 recently discussed the importance of fulfilling potential and outlined various ways people can overcome fear to reach their ultimate professional goals.


Taking 20 to 30 minutes a day to reflect not only creates time away from distractions and helps an individual to clear their heads, it also offers the opportunity for them to consider where it is they want their life to be heading. Thinking about the past, the present, the future and asking themselves questions like “What am I capable of?” and “What are my strengths?” will help develop determination and direction.


It’s impossible for a person to be fearful when they are full of optimism. Every negative thought an individual has is like an anchor tethering them to the spot and preventing them from improving professionally. Finding the positive in every situation will create a mindset for success.

Be Grateful

Practicing gratitude invites better things into an individual’s life and helps open their eyes to opportunities others may miss.


All great business professionals are like sponges of knowledge, they take every opportunity to expand their knowledge and increase their understanding, even outside their field of work. This allows them to be better prepared for new challenges and build the confidence needed to succeed at anything they put their mind too.

Based in the heart of London, PG3 specialise in outsourced sales and marketing solutions. PG3 is a trading name of AJG Direct. PG3 work on behalf of their clients to implement engaging face-to-face marketing campaigns across the city. Through one-on-one customer interactions, the firm forges stronger customer relationships and are able to deliver personalised customer experiences that drive brand loyalty and generate consistently high sales.

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