Partnership between Cardinus and HSE’s Health & Safety Laboratory leads to ground-breaking DSE software.

London, 2016. In a unique partnership with HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), Cardinus have created a truly ground-breaking e-learning program packed with features for the modern workplace, named Healthy Working.

Since the last DSE regulations were updated in 2002 we have seen massive technological and environmental changes within the workplace. This is the backdrop to how Healthy Working came to be. With other DSE solutions no longer covering the actual needs of employees and employers it became apparent that something had to be done about it. Healthy Working was born to bridge this growing gap.

This partnership has allowed Cardinus’ in-house experts to work with HSL’s Principal Ergonomist and industry-leading thinker Matthew Birtles, whose approach has brought in cutting-edge ideas about the way we sit, stand, move and work at offices, homes and other places of employment. Cardinus have developed these into Healthy Working and they also underpin HSL’s own DSE Risk Assessment training courses.

Healthy Working offers many innovative features that revolutionise an organisation’s DSE provision by setting it firmly in the modern age. These features include mobile and tablet devices, flexible working, maternity and pregnant employees, employee behaviour modelling and much more.

More than just a way to meet regulations

What will impact organisations the most is how Healthy Working allows managers to evidence a very clear return-on-investment by matching potential risks with their associated costs. This allows organisations to see in a transparent way the benefits of going beyond the regulations and to assist their employees in avoiding commonplace injuries and disorders related with the types of work we carry out each day. This can dramatically cut costs in healthcare provisions, administration and lost time due to absences.

What’s more, Healthy Working also aims at boosting productivity by relieving the stresses and strains on the body which can limit people’s natural energy levels. It does this through guiding employees through a risk assessment programme so that they can start teaching themselves how to mitigate everyday risks in the workplace. Working proactively, Healthy Working then gently nudges employees through the programme, giving them instruction on what they should do next.

Jon Abbott, Sales and Marketing Director of Cardinus says:

“I am so proud of the Cardinus team for the efforts that have gone into developing Healthy Working. As the workplace evolves we are seeing the needs of employers and employees changing. Healthy Working addresses these on-going needs by providing engaging materials to encourage better behaviours and working habits.

Healthy Working represents a thought-leading, innovative solution that could only occur when two influential organisations (HSL and Cardinus) work together so well.”

This powerful software has now been released to benefit organisations across the world. More information about this software can be found here:

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