Parcel ABC adapts to any need and offers you the best service in parcel delivery.

ParcelABC is a groundbreaking platform that marks a new departure in online courier services. Offering shipping solutions for businesses and consumers, it brings together thousands of local and international carriers and is rapidly earning a reputation that sets it apart from its competitors.

The benefits of using ParcelABC are clear: safe shipping and door-to-door delivery in 3 steps that are as easy as ABC.

How do they do it?

The business concept is based on tracking and using virtually any empty space carriers have at any time. Companies providing nationwide and international pick-up and delivery services often have unused space available in their vehicles operating on one or more of their routes. As a result, customers are always guaranteed a reliable service on the optimum route for their package, as well as the very best price.

Who is it for?

ParcelABC provides a range of shipping options for personal as well as professional use. It is the ideal solution when moving premises either locally or internationally, or for shipping luggage when travelling.

ParcelABC provides a unique ‘delivery to hub’ service that guarantees the most competitive rates on the market for eCommerce companies. For instance, if someone in Manchester wishes to ship 20 packages to Europe or worldwide, instead of making 20 international shipments they can consolidate those shipments into a large box or pallet and deliver them in to a UK or European hub from where ParcelABC will consolidate the packages and send them on to their courier partners in the country of destination where local parcel rates and local delivery options will be used. By using ParcelABC you can convert 20 international shipments into one international delivery and 20 local shipments thereby reducing costs dramatically.

These great savings and a host of delivery options enable businesses to tailor the services to the end consumer’s needs providing the convenience required which, added to the thousands of delivery and pick-up points, ensure maximum flexibility for small and large businesses.

ParcelABC clearly offers the best delivery solutions for businesses and people, as well as opportunities for courier companies to use up their empty space.

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Parcel ABC adapts to any need and offers you the best service in parcel delivery.